Woman Leaves Her Cat Alone In The Yard, Comes Back To A Glitch In The Matrix

Devi Larsen from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada experienced something really strange recently. She has a cat named Loki that loves to be outside, one day Devi heard some ruckus outside. When she stepped out she found a clone of her cat and Loki starring at one another with hate in their eyes.

As Devi was trying to figure out what to do, chaos broke loose.

Devi shared a shortened version of the story to Funscrape: “I heard them screaming at each other so I ran upstairs to find two of the same cat staring each other down. It was pure chaos as I had no idea which one was mine. Looking back I probably should have just sprayed water at them to stop it but it was in the moment and I did what I could! Once I figured out who was who is when it all went downhill. Also, I forgot when I finally managed to separate them I was putting fatness Loki in my house and he smacked my dog who was just trying to check if he was ok.”

Thankfully Loki was ok, as for the other cat, Devi couldn’t check on the other one since it ran away as quickly as it could.

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Here is the full story that Devi posted on Reddit: “Today I messed up by leaving my cat outside. First off I’ll start with a background on my fat cat. He’s an ‘indoor’ cat but tries to get outside at every opportunity he can. I didn’t want him to be an outdoor cat, so we compromised and he’s an outdoor cat. In the past, I have left him on a long lead and an easy break collar but he has since figured out that he is fat enough to jump off something and it’ll easily break. I then moved to a harness, which he then realized that he just needs to back up out of it. Now I have that it on so tight that he can’t anymore (can still fit my fingers through it, worry not gentle souls).”

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“Anyway, I figured I’d be nice and let him out for a bit while I was working downstairs. There I am on the phone with a customer who won’t stop asking questions and I begin to hear screams of pure death coming from my yard. I’m trying to get rid of my customer so I can get to my cat and figure out what unholy hell he got himself into. My customer keeps saying some random stuff that he should have said way earlier as it wasn’t even relevant anymore. So I’m like ‘yep, ok, yep’ trying to get rid of him and also nervous he can hear the horror show in the background.”

Image credits: loki_the_chonk

“Finally, I get off the line and race upstairs thinking my cat jumped the fence and was now dangling from the line (I always have it shorter than the distance to the fence but figured he found a way to frick me over once again).”

Image credits: loki_the_chonk

“I immediately see I was completely wrong and think I’m either tripping or there is another whale of a cat that looks identical to mine.

I snap a quick pic in case this cat gets away so I can post him online to try and find his owner’s.

They’re both so fat and puffing out like no tomorrow I can’t tell who’s who. I figured I might be able to tell them apart because my cat is wearing his leash right? Nope. He has once again somehow Houdini’d outta the harness so now I have two heathens growling at each other and I have no clue which one is mine.”

Image credits: loki_the_chonk

“I finally see the other cat has a black harness so I quickly grab that and go to hold my cat back. Before I can, he launches himself quicker than this jiggly beast has ever moved in his life. He full-on tackles this other cat and they slap together like PB and jelly.”

Image credits: loki_the_chonk

“I manage to separate them relatively easy and I pick my cat up and hold the other one harness so I can check him for wounds after I get mine inside. Big mistake. This cat launches himself up to my leg and scratches my hand. Meanwhile, my cat is also trying to demolish the other cat and also attacks me in the process.”

Image credits: loki_the_chonk

“I get my cat inside and the other blubbering beast is now trying to jump the fence. But he’s so fast that he jumps and is literally sliding down the fence in slow-mo like a cartoon character. I’m trying to catch him but he’s surprisingly fast for a Snorlax. I go back inside to grab treats to entice him but he’s gone and I only had a 15-minute break at work.”

Image credits: loki_the_chonk

“I wanted to check him out to make sure he was ok but didn’t have time to look for him anymore. I’ve left some food out for him to see if he’ll come back. I figure he might be traumatized but a guy his size needs to keep his calories up.”

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“My hand is now swollen a little and hurts to move.”

A lot of people expressed concern about her hand and advised the owner to go see a doctor.

She later posted an update about her wound: “Just got back from doctors, got a tetanus shot and some antibiotics, thank you, everyone!”

Image credits: loki_the_chonk

Here is what Reddit had to say about this adventure

What do you think of this adventure? What would you do in this situation? Tell us in the comments and go send love to the poor Loki who got attacked by his twin.

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