Woman Bakes Gorgeous Transparent Cake That Looks Like A Koi Pond

One of the most amazing things about art is that it can take many different forms. For instance, this Canadian baker named Grace (petrichoro on Instagram) likes to make various baked goods that look like true pieces of art.

Recently, on her Instagram profile, Grace shared a marvelous-looking cake that she made for Father’s Day. As you can see in the photos below, this incredible cake happens to look like a tiny koi pond!

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Besides, this masterpiece is completely edible!

Image credits: petrichoro

Funscrape had a chance to ask Grace some interesting questions about her, this marvelous cake, and other creations of hers.

When asked how she came up with the idea for this cake, Grace told us this: “Jelly cakes are a really popular dessert in East Asian cuisine, but usually the designs just involve flowers and other botanicals. I love the look of regular jelly cakes, and it almost looks like suspended pools of water! So I was inspired to use the jelly cake method to imitate a pond, and I thought koi fish would fit in perfectly with that theme.”

Image credits: petrichoro

“I make mousse cakes fairly often, and it’s my family’s favorite type of cake, so I decided to combine the two for the best aesthetics/taste,” Grace told us.

Just look at this astonishing creation!

Image credits: petrichoro

“The cake took two days start to finish, maybe 20 working hours! Mostly it involved waiting for the layers of mousse and jelly to set, and making the koi and lilies took a while too,” the baker told us.

In fact, this cake was a gift for her father: “I made it as a Father’s Day gift and he loved it”

Image credits: petrichoro

As we mentioned before, this cake isn’t the first stunning-looking dish Grace has made. She has quite a few of them shared on her Instagram profile.

Would you be able to force yourself to eat something this cute?

Image credits: petrichoro

When asked how Grace got into baking and cooking, she said this: “I’ve always loved the idea of baking and picked up a lot by watching food network shows and eventually YouTube! My parents have quite traditional East Asian tastes, so they never really baked while I was growing up. So everything I do is self-taught from a lot of trial and error.”

Image credits: petrichoro

Luckily, there’s even more marvelous content coming our way! When asked if Grace plans on baking something similar in the future, she said this: “Yes! I also plan to film a tutorial sometime in the future.”

So go follow Grace on Instagram and keep your eyes peeled!

Image credits: petrichoro

Image credits: petrichoro

People seem to find this cake as stunning as we do

Besides, there were many people who knew exactly who they’d gift this cake to

What did you think about this koi pond cake? Would you like to be gifted with something like this on your birthday or another holiday? Tell us in the comments!

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