Top 3 universities for MBA in the world

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, the average income of fresh MBA graduates is around $115,000 in the USA. This clearly shows that an MBA increases the income of any graduate. What makes this increase in salary? And answer to this question is the ‘approach’ which you get by doing an MBA. By doing an MBA, you acquire the entrepreneurial and business skills. No one has ever become a billionaire by doing a job. This is the capitalist century and if you want to grow and become a billionaire, you have entered the capitalist market and you have to establish a business or invest in some business. No, any other way makes you rich. MBA degree from a well-recognized university can develop the business skill which will help you to start or grow your business.

Most of the top business schools are either in the USA or UK, which also shows why the USA and the UK have so many companies in Fortune 500. So, we have selected the three best universities for MBA courses. Three universities in this list are the only best institutes to go for MBA. These are the universities that the writer thinks are the best three institutes on the basis of QS ranking for Business and Management subject. Without wasting any further time let’s look at three best business schools in the world.

Harvard University

Without any doubt, Harvard Business School is one of the best business schools in the world which has produced graduates like Georges W. Bush the former President of the United States of America, Mike Bloomberg the co-founder of Bloomberg L.P which generated US$10 billion in 2019, and there many more. Harvard Business School has created stalwarts in the field of business. That’s why QS has consistently ranked Harvard Business School on the top for several years. Financial Times also ranked Harvard Business School in the 1st place in the world. Without any doubt, Harvard is the best business school in the world.

Harvard Business School offers a two years full-time MBA course that focuses on real-world case studies. MBA at Harvard can be very expensive but Harvard Business School offers $ 42k annually on a need basis. Harvard cannot reject an applicant on the basis of his financial constraints. They offer different scholarships to facilitate the poor segment of society. Harvard provides the following assistant programs to support low segment of society to get quality education:

  • Tuition Assistance
  • Summer Fellowship
  • Career Support and Exploration


INSEAD is one the leading business and financial school in the world which has the motto The Business School for The World. There are four campuses located strategically across the globe. INSEAD business schools are located in France (Europe), USA (North America, Abu Dhabi (Middle East), and Singapore (Indo-Pacific). Financial Time Global MBA Ranking has ranked INSEAD 1st in 2016 and 2017. QS has ranked INSEAD on 2nd in 2020 for MBA. CEO world Magazine 2017 also ranked at the top for the Best Business Schools in the world. These to ranking proves the quality of INSEAD in the field of business management. INSEAD has collaboration programs with top-ranked universities in the world like Tsinghua University in China and Johns Hopkins University in the USA.

According to the official website of INSEAD, the average income of INSEAD MBA graduate is around $105,900, and 300+ companies have hired INSEAD graduates. 93% of graduates of INSEAD have hired within 3 months of graduation and 79% of graduates switch their previous jobs. INSEAD has a €239 million Endowment fund. The duration of an MBA at INSEAD is just 10 months and the average age of INSEAD graduates is 29 years. 670-750 is the range of GMAT of INSEAD graduates which shows the level of competition to get into INSEAD. These figures show the quality of MBA INSEAD is providing.

London Business School

London Business School (LBS) has produced top entrepreneurs and businessmen in the world which includes Kumar Mangalam Birla, Tony Wheeler, Wong Kan Seng, and many more. LBS has a tradition of producing top business graduate with the quality of education and training provided at LBS by world-class faculty members. London Business School is a constituent college of the University of London which another well-known university in the United Kingdom. LBS was ranked at 3rd in Business Administration by QS ranking in 2020 and Business Insider ranked London Business School at 4th in the Worldwide MBA ranking. This high ranking shows the credibility of the MBA degree offered by LBS.

MBA is the flagship degree of London Business School which is a 15 to 21-month program. Annually 400 students are enrolled in an MBA degree at LBS and each year around one hundred students spend one term in leading any business university in the world on exchange programs. Forbes ranked LBS at 1st for the MBA program in 2011, 2012, and 2013. The MBA program of LBS has the world largest exchange program and each year students spend one term in universities like NYU, MIT, and UC Berkley, etc. LBS is the best place to get the experience of different universities in different countries in a single degree.

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