This Cat Is Going Viral For Its Permanently Sad Expression

There’s only one thing that the internet loves more than cats. And it’s cats with funny facial expressions. I probably don’t need to remind you of the iconic Grumpy Cat, a giant fluff named Meo Meow, and Pearl, the famous watermelon supurrvisor from Thailand.

Except this time, the internet went crazy over a furry ball from China who constantly looks upset. Thanks to its unique facial markings, the floof looks so sad that people wonder, “What happened to you?”

A Chinese woman, known by her nametag Simpson Xin, shared the footage on Doyuin last Thursday and it quickly got 2 million views. The woman revisited Moggie, who is thought to be a stray cat, but wasn’t able to bring the feline home since she already had a pet.

This stray cat from China with unique facial markings looks so upset it went viral on social media

This is what people had to say

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