This $1,650 A Month New York Apartment Has A Shower In The Kitchen And People Have Mixed Feelings About It

At first glance, this studio apartment in New York City might seem like a perfect catch. First of all, it’s located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is known to be one of the trendiest neighborhoods in NYC. Secondly, it has a relatively reasonable price tag of $1,650 a month. But there’s one thing that could make or break this deal. And that one thing is… a shower in the kitchen. Yep.

This bizarre little studio apartment made a quite a big splash here on the interwebs after Twitter user angelicaalzona noticed it and posted about it on her profile.

Take a look at this architectural masterpiece yourself

This studio apartment can be found listed on a webpage called StreetEasy. We have to admit, the description of this listing is quite hilarious, and it somehow manages to capture the vibe of this bizarre apartment in a perfect way. “Luxuries or weird ??! Kitchen or Bathroom vibes? You decide!” the description reads.

I mean, just think about how much time you’d save in the morning by eating your breakfast in the shower!

Image credits: StreetEasy

“This is A old School loft apartment in Williamsburg, Weird but good priced if you don’t care (or do care and wanna be a weirdo!)” the listing continues. “This price for a spacious loft / apartment is rare for the area! Unit comes with separate kitchen with windows and sectioned off sleeping area with toilet.”

Image credits: StreetEasy

“All you gotta do to call this home is deal with this bathtub situation :-),” the listing reads

Image credits: StreetEasy

Even though many people seemed weirded out by this whole thing—surprise surprise—the apartment got scooped up in 2 weeks after being listed on the website! Apparently, the shower situation wasn’t such a big turn-off after all.

Image credits: StreetEasy

Image credits: StreetEasy

Many people were confused by this bizarre setup

Some seemed quite fascinated

And others… well, not so much

How do you feel about this studio apartment? Would the whole shower situation be a deal-breaker for you? Or maybe it’d be a cherry on top of this already great offer? Tell us in the comment section down below!

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