Someone Makes A “Purr Fiction” Out Of “Pulp Fiction” By Adding A Cat Character To It

Breaking news—the internet is still utterly obsessed with cats. And now, with all the unsettling things happening all around the world, probably more than ever. Where does this obsession come from? Well, the answer to this question isn’t an easy one. In fact, many scientists and scholars have been trying to find the root of this immense fascination, but the exact answer is still nowhere to be found.

Despite that, there are many different theories out there. For instance, some scientists believe that this obsession is an evolutionary thing because, in their words, cats kinda resemble human babies since they have big eyes and small noses. Moreover, Radha O’Meara suggests that the reason for this obsession might be cats’ “unselfconsciousness.” “This, I argue, is rare in a consumer culture dominated by surveillance, where we are constantly aware of the potential for being watched. The unselfconsciousness of cats in online videos offers viewers two key pleasures: to imagine the possibility of freedom from surveillance, and to experience the power of administering surveillance as unproblematic,” she writes in her article. The list for these explanations goes on and on and on.

But now, let’s take a look at one of the examples that once again proved the fact that, at this point, cats simply own the internet. We’re talking about this one video that was recently uploaded to a YouTube channel called OwlKitty. If you not only love cats, but are also a fan of Tarantino’s classic Pulp Fiction, this one’s gonna be a treat! Let’s take a look.

P.S. Funscrape had a chance to ask OwlKitty’s cat-dad Tibo some interesting question, so make sure to scroll down for his answers!

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“A parody of Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction starring my cat OwlKitty,” says the description of the video

The owners of this YouTube channel created a little parody of the classic Pulp Fiction starring their adorable cat named Lizzy! People on the internet are totally obsessed with it (and some even say that the parody is even better than the real thing).

Which one do you like better?

Image credits: OwlKitty

This YouTube channel is owned by filmmaker and animator Tibo Charroppin and creative writer and content editor Olivia Boone. These two are constantly making new parodies of famous movies and TV shows starring their cat Lizzy. And people are absolutely loving it. At the moment, there are more than 350 thousand followers on their YouTube channel and almost 700 thousand on their Instagram profile!

“We started in November of 2018. I was already working from home at the time as a freelance video editor. When I would be between projects, I’d find a way to remain active creatively. I’ve always loved making silly videos in front of the green screen that I then share with our friends and family—and so I thought, “why not make a fun, silly video with our cat Lizzy?” Tibo told Funscrape. “That’s how the idea came to be. Plus Lizzy is very cute and playful so I thought it would be easy. Olivia and I both love movies and I thought it would be funny to put Lizzy in Jurassic Park.”

Image credits: OwlKitty

“Olivia loved it, shared it with her friends, and it took off from there. We created the account after that as a way to keep all our videos in one place—that’s when we came up with the stage name “OwlKitty”. Now Olivia and I do this together, still as a fun hobby, and Lizzy always loves playing on top of the greenscreen. Nothing has changed in our process except now our little OwlKitty has fans around the world,” Tibo told us.

“The idea came pretty naturally. I simply thought of ways I could combine our cat and our greenscreen in a fun, silly way. Putting Lizzy in existing footage, like in a movie, made the most sense,” Tibo continued.

“On average, it takes about two weeks to make a video. Each video is different and comes with its own set of challenges. We share our behind the scenes between releases because they’re often a ton of fun. It also keeps our audience engaged,” Lizzy’s owner told Funscrape.

This adorable fluffy girl is named Lizzy, but her stage name is OwlKitty!

Image credits: OwlKitty

Turns out, Lizzy is now three years old and she was adopted from a local animal shelter back when she was a baby. “OwlKitty is 3 years old. Her real name is Lizzy but we’ve been calling her an owl ever since she was a kitten. That’s because of her big round eyes, pear shape, and the fact that we can’t really see her at night. When we were looking at names for a social media account, one that’s unique and that people would easily remember, OwlKitty made sense,” Tibo explained.

When asked about Lizzy’s personality, her owner Tibo told us this: “Lizzy is very sweet, funny, and a curious little bug. She loves to play and cuddle with our other cat Juliette who is like an older sister to her. We love to share behind the scenes with our fans so they can what Lizzy is really like when we shoot. That’s part of the appeal. People come for the OwlKitty movies but they stay just to watch Lizzy be herself.”

Moreover, we asked Lizzy’s owner if it’s hard to film such videos with a real-life cat. He told us this: “Filming with a cat takes A LOT of patience. It’s hard but when we catch her at the right time, and she’s in the right playful mood, it’s really easy. It’s important to have a good relationship with your cat and know exactly how they’ll react to certain things… They’re wired to always respond instinctively, so in that sense, it makes them surprisingly predictable. But Lizzy is extremely playful and easy-going. That’s what makes her so fun to work with.”

Image credits: OwlKitty

When asked, how they usually come up with new ideas for videos, Tibo told us this: “Olivia and I usually brainstorm ideas and pitch them at each other. When we land on something that makes us laugh and that’s achievable technically, we’ll do it. We also take many suggestions from our followers and let our fans on Patreon vote for the next one.”

“So far, OwlKitty has made appearances in such classics as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, How to Train Your Dragon, The Shining, Titanic, 50 Shades of Gray and Risky Business. You can also find her in Game of Thrones, The Lion King and Stranger Things,” says the channel description.

Besides, Lizzy’s owners are always happy to receive a movie suggestion for a new parody. If you’ve got something in mind, just drop them a line!

Image credits: OwlKitty

Since Lizzy was adopted from a shelter, her cat-parents highly promote pet adoption: “We didn’t think our platform would take off the way it did, but since it has, we’ve been wanting to use it to do some good. We’ve been promoting shelter adoption for cats and have been working closely with our local adoption shelter (where we adopted Lizzy) to help share the message: #AdoptDontShop. We’ve taken on other causes like Declawing.”

Image credits: OwlKitty

Here’s what people on the internet thought about this PURRtastic remake

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