Sexologist Uses 4 Decades Of Research On Condom Use To Show How To Get More People To Wear Face Masks

Like the story about Lenin Gutierrez has perfectly illustrated, there has been a pushback from some Americans about covering up their faces in the wake of the coronavirus.

So it’s time we listen to what sex educators have to say. Sexologist Jill McDevitt recently made a Facebook post highlighting how four decades worth of research on condom use can help us get more people to use face masks.

“It’s not our first rodeo when it comes to convincing people they should wear a barrier for protection from a deadly virus,” McDevitt wrote on June 29th. She proceeded to list 10 tips on how to approach the problem, and it looks like her message has been heard. McDevitt’s post went viral, generating over 3K likes and 6,4K shares, contributing to bettering our public health in a time of great distress.

Image credits: Jill McDevitt

Here’s what people said after reading McDevitt’s post

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