People Are Sharing Unrealistic Criteria Recruiters Set While Hiring Professionals

Far from every interview is a success and a lot of us have some nightmare stories to tell. But the nightmare usually starts with the first filter—actually qualifying for the job which can have high demands and low rewards. Sometimes, it can seem like even waiting tables and brewing coffee requires a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree (talk about inflation, right?).

One of the people who posted about unrealistic expectations is Sebastián Ramírez, who created FastAPI 1.5 years ago. According to him, the job post requires 4+ years of experience in FastAPI and even he, the founder, couldn’t apply for the job. Which brings us to the main question: why do companies do this?

Inspired by Sebastián’s post, we’ve collected examples of some of the most unrealistic criteria that recruiters have had while hiring professionals for job positions, so scroll down and upvote the ones that left an impression on you. We also know that this is something that a lot of you Pandas can relate to, so be sure to share your own job-hunting experiences in the comments.


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Looking for a job can feel like you’re in the Stone Age, hunting for an elusive, quick-footed, and surprisingly picky gazelle that will only let you catch it if you have the right, overinflated qualifications. You’re famished but the gazelle keeps taunting you: “No Master’s degree? No dinner!”

Replace the gazelle with recruiters who have unrealistic criteria while hiring professionals and you’re back in the 21st century, struggling to find a job during the (pardon my French) crapfest that is 2020.


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Do you really think I’d still be in webdev if I had a time machine?

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We get it, recruiters want to find the ‘perfect’ candidate to fill each and every job opening. However, impractical expectations about the job market can do more harm than good: the person who can do the job well and with passion can also be someone who doesn’t qualify because their job experience is ‘insufficient.’ Or ‘wrong.’

British recruitment experts Brand Recruitment explained that companies want a proper return on investment. However, they often “don’t actually know what they’re looking for at all” while their job descriptions, especially for new positions can look like a “5-year-old’s Christmas list, with bullet point after bullet point of everything they MUST have.”


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You have to be available 40 hours a week but you’ll only get at maximum $100 a week. So no second job but $10 dollars an hour? You needed a degree too

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Recruiters also have to be realistic when it comes to actual job performance. Ideally, they want to find a new employee who can do their job immediately without any training. Contrast that to the idea that recruiters should find people who have a lot of potential but require nurturing and guidance. Unfortunately, hidden gems stay hidden and don’t get a chance to shine if companies only want a bunch of boxes ticked (and a Master’s degree for a 15 dollar hourly wage).


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These must be the most amazing donuts in the world

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