Paris Is Launching A Floating Cinema Where Everyone Watches Movies In Distance While Sitting In Boats

With this whole COVID-19 and social distancing situation, various businesses and event organizers are forced to come up with creative ways to make regular social gatherings and other events safe for their clients and visitors. Because of that, many unique concepts for events can be seen rapidly emerging all around the world.

For instance, this July Paris is launching their first-ever floating cinema where people will watch movies in socially distant electric boats! The “Cinéma sur l’Eau”—or cinema on the water—will take place on July 18 in the Seine river. This movie night is being hosted to celebrate the return of Paris Plages, an annual city-run program that creates temporary beaches in the French capital during the summertime.

A free movie screening from 38 electric boats that can hold two to six people each!

Image credits: Le cinema sur l’eau

Since all the seats are free and there are only 38 of them, people have to enter a raffle in order to win them. Others will still be able to enjoy the session sitting on one of the 150 deckchairs spread out on the banks of the Seine.

Here’s how the event poster looks

Image credits: Le cinema sur l’eau

Since 2002, every year the banks of the Seine and the La Villette Canal Basin get turned into a seaside resort

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

One of the movies the Parisians will be able to see here is Gilles Lelouche’s “Le Grand Bain”

The other one is a Victor Mirabel’s short film called “A Corona Story”

Some people on the internet seemed to really like this idea

And some were concerned about one particular thing…

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