My Favorite Photos That Depict Emotional Father-Daughter Moments At Weddings (26 Pics)

There’s no relationship quite like the relationship with your parents, and for me, my relationship with my father is so special. As a father myself, the moment my daughter entered the world, I became a different person. I am clearly a “father,” but I intend to be so much more: a lifelong friend, a shoulder to cry on, a teacher, a mentor, and, above all, someone she will be able to trust and love forever.

I will nurture her from her first steps as a child all the way to her final steps before becoming a Mrs. I will watch her blossom knowing that as she grows up, my relationship with her will blossom exponentially. Then the wedding day comes—a day full of emotion that I didn’t know even existed—and before you know, it’s time to pass over the “baton” to someone else.

There’s no greater gift a father can have than that of watching their daughter grow into a beautiful soul, an independent, confident, and successful human. The accumulation of this can be their wedding day, which is filled with so many emotions, from the first look to the first dance, the tears, laughter, joy, adulation, and pride. Walking your daughter down the aisle, taking those steps by her side is an honor, a magnification of the relationship between father and daughter that can never be broken or replaced.

Here’s a collection of my favorite documentary wedding images that depict some of these one-off moments from some of wedding photography’s greatest talents.

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#1 The Arm Of Love

Image credits: Samuel Docker

#2 The Biggest O….!

Image credits: Dan Morris

#3 Oooooooh

Image credits: The Crawleys

#4 The Final Kiss

Image credits: David Scholes

#5 The Hug Of A Lifetime

Image credits: Steven Rooney

#6 The Touch Of Love

Image credits: Chris Denner

#7 A Teary Hanky

Image credits: Andy Gaines

#8 Hold Me Tight!

Image credits: thelifewedream

#9 I Will Always Be There For You

Image credits: Soven Amatya

#10 Letting It Go!

Image credits: The Crawleys

#11 “I Cannot See”

Image credits: Andy Gaines

#12 The Final Kiss As A Miss

Image credits: Rik Pennington

#13 I Am Never Going To Hold This In!

Image credits: Geoff Kirby

#14 The Crying Mirror

Image credits: MIKI studios

#15 Omg!

Image credits: Dan Morris

#16 “I Cannot Watch!”

Image credits: MIKI studios

#17 Even The Coolest Dads Can Not Hold It In

Image credits: HBA photography

#18 Not Being Able To Hold It Anymore

Image credits: Ben Minnaar

#19 Lets Do This!

Image credits: Angy Gaines

#20 “I Will Always Be Here For You”

Image credits: Phil Salisbury

#21 The Final Card

Image credits: Ash Davenport

#22 “Hang On Dad”

Image credits: MIKI studios

#23 Hold On Dad, You Can Do It!

Image credits: Samuel Docker

#24 Help Me Dad…

Image credits: Ami Robertson

#25 “Not Sure I Can Take Much More Of This….”

Image credits: Alan Law

#26 To My Daughter!

Image credits: Andy tTyler

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