My Favorite Examples Of Ingenious Bus Advertising (72 Pics)

For most people, buses are a means of transportation to get around in your daily life, but the masterminds of the advertising world see a bus as a perfect moving canvas for the most creative and effective ambient ads. In a competition-fueled digital world, clever agencies still turn to traditional outdoor advertising with an original twist that catches people‘s eye and is thought-provoking. And they are definitely doing it right!

I collected a list of the most ingenious bus wraps spotted around the world. And some of them are so engaging, you might actually miss your bus. 

#1 Copenhagen Zoo: Snake Bus

Image credits: Bates Y&R

#2 Netflix: Stranger Things

Image credits: Cantioy87

#3 National Geographic

Image credits: unknown

#4 Ready To Quit?

#5 King Kong Movie

#6 SF: Americans Abroad, Vote!

Image credits: Uncle Grey

#7 The Accordeon World Championship

Image credits: franknystuen

#8 Aladdin

Image credits: vectormedia

#9 Colorectal Cancer Association Of Canada

Image credits: Ogilvy

#10 Arts University Bournemouth: Boombox Bus

Image credits: Creative Forager

#11 Specsavers: Bus Crash

Image credits: Smart

#12 Perth Zoo: Come To The Zoo Before The Zoo Comes To You

Image credits: The Brand Agency

#13 International Organization For Migration

Image credits: McCann

#14 Keep Holland Clean Foundation: Garbage Bus

Image credits: GREY Amsterdam

#15 Dallas Morning News: More Reporters. More Reporting

#16 Compassion In World Farming: Stop Live Exports

Image credits: Elvis

#17 Nice Legs

#18 Duracell

#19 Copenhagen Zoo: The Giant Pandas Have Landed

Image credits: Advice A/S

#20 Careerbuilder: Don’t Jump

Image credits: The Martin Agency

#21 Dr. Best Flexible Toothbrush

Image credits: Kim Sokola&Julia Neumann

#22 Bad Weather, Perfect Timing

Image credits: Mocomedia

#23 Bernmobil: Airport Bus

Image credits: Neue Lgk

#24 Visa, Wellington On A Plate Culinary Festival

Image credits: TBWA

#25 All Laundry Detergent Bus

#26 Smint: “Bus Opened-Doors”

Image credits: DDB Barcelona

#27 X-Games: Real Street Skate Festival

Image credits: Kit Walker Associates

#28 Batteries

Image credits: Robson Brown Ltd.

#29 Optical Illusion


Image credits: Draft, New Zealand

#31 Air New Zealand

Image credits: mikebarti

#32 Mercedes: Glow In The Dark Bus

Image credits: FHV BBDO

#33 Tiernitos Dog Food

#34 Tabasco Bus

Image credits: duvalguillaume

#35 Potawatomi Zoo

Image credits: extracreditprojects

#36 Canon’s Bus Ad

#37 Eyes

#38 Toy Bus: Children’s Charity

#39 Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo

Image credits: /hireimagination

#40 Seriously Transparent Capital Metro Buses

Image credits: bigpicture

#41 Compassion In World Farming: Stop Live Exports

Image credits: Elvis

#42 National Council Against Smoking In The US

Image credits: Lowe Bull, Johannesburg, South Africa

#43 Weight Watchers

Image credits: Lowe

#44 Kontanten: Wallet

“ATMs close by”

Image credits: Faltman & Malmen

#45 Outofhomedia: Ad Block This

Image credits: &Co

#46 Burger King

Image credits: BurgerKingUK

#47 Topfit: Exceed. Be At The Top

Image credits: martpet

#48 Community First Credit Union: Flexible Bus

Image credits: I.D.E.A.S.

#49 Just One Bite

#50 Seattle Mariners Bus Back Scoreboard

Image credits: mister_pjm

#51 Use The Crosswalk

#52 Field Museum

Image credits: Vector media

#53 Domestos

Image credits: Point Of View

#54 Shanghai Essilor Optical Co. Anti-Fatigue Lenses

Image credits: Grey

#55 Stuck

#56 Asics New York Marathon Sponsor

Image credits: Vitro Robertson

#57 Hell On Weels

Image credits: Entertainment One

#58 Weight Watchers: Watch Yourself Change

#59 Road Safety Message

Image credits: Saatchi & Saatchi Simko

#60 Daiya Foods: Hard To Notice

Image credits: TDA_Boulder

#61 Air India: Air Travel At Land Travel Fares

Image credits: MudraDDB

#62 ZVV Public Transportation

One ticket for everything.

Image credits: Publicis

#63 Limo Bus: In An Absolut World

#64 The Real Housewives

Image credits: Miami Ad School

#65 Air New Zealand

Image credits: mikebarti

#66 Rocky Rococo Pizza

Image credits: JustusGS

#67 Kaiser

Image credits: Vector media

#68 Corona Routine

Image credits: Addict

#69 1st Bank: Heli-Skiing, Now As Affordable As Free Checking

Image credits: TDA Boulder

#70 Save The Children Denmark: Would You Walk 6a’s Route To Get To School?

Image credits: Robert/Boisen & Like-minded

#71 Air New Zealand

Image credits: mikebarti

#72 Norwegian: The London Bus

“To highlight airline company Norwegians low fare flights to London, we brought left-hand traffic to Sweden by turning the back of Stockholm buses into the front of Londons classic double deckers.”

Image credits: Volt

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