IKEA Toys Get Transformed To Reflect The Cruel Reality Of Plastic Pollution

Every day 8 million pieces of plastic reach the ocean. It has been estimated that 100 million marine animals die due to this devastating pollution each year. To raise awareness on the matter, conscious people are encouraging both consumers and businesses to adopt a sustainable way of life. That’s why 5 students from MADS advertising school based in Moscow, Russia decided to create an ad campaign aimed at IKEA and their famous plush toys.

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Recently, 5 advertising students created a powerful ad that raises awareness on plastic pollution by depicting IKEA plush toys tangled in plastic

Image credits: MADS

The creators called the campaign “Plastic Surgery” and ‘operated’ the toys to make them look tangled in plastic.

Image credits: MADS

The result reflects on the reality millions of animals face in their natural habitat that has been flooded with plastic.

Image credits: MADS

While the ad campaign is not affiliated with IKEA directly, the strong message it sends to both the furniture company and people around the world is clear — plastic pollution is killing our planet.

Image credits: MADS

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