Here’s How Foxes Sound When They Make A Happy Noise

Ever since the viral video of the song “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” was released in 2013, many of us realized that we really do not know what noises foxes make to communicate. Thanks to a rescue group called SaveAFox, which lends a helping hand to abandoned pet foxes and those who were retrieved from fur farms, we now know the answer. Spoiler alert: it’s not like what they say in the song. However, it’s exactly as odd as you would expect!

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Do you know what noise foxes make when they’re getting their bellies rubbed? No? Then you have to watch this video!

Just like many other animals out there, foxes do have their own distinct sounds to communicate and express themselves. Their vocalization depends on the species and comes in a wide variety. Ranging from noises similar to barking to a high-pitched howl, their screamy tone is hard to put into words. The best way to understand is to listen for yourself, so here’s the video which shows how these animals sound in a playful mood while getting their bellies scratched.

Foxes are known for their ability to make some of the strangest sounds—here are some more examples

But wait, there’s more. Since the rescue organization shares plenty of videos and photos of the foxes they have saved, they have recorded many other sounds these creatures make. Here’s how they sound when they’re calling for someone, and below is a video of an excited fox who’s happy to see her keeper.

In case you’re curious about how foxes prefer to be communicated with, the shelter’s founder Mikayla shares how she talks to one of her foxes. Just look how happy and excited she is to hear a familiar sound!

These videos come from the rescue organization SaveAFox, which helps injured foxes retrieved from fur farms and those who were abandoned after being kept as pets

Image credits: Saveafox_rescue

SaveAFox is a non-profit rescue organization that saves the lives of injured foxes from fur farms and also those who have been adopted as pets and later abandoned. The rescue was opened after Mikayla had spent years volunteering at animal shelters. The woman who absolutely loves foxes decided to establish an organization that takes care of these animals: thus, one of the biggest fox rescues in the USA was found.

In exchange for donations that help to keep their shelter alive, SaveAFox shares many adorable videos and photos of their rescues, so don’t forget to check their social media

Image credits: Saveafox_rescue

The organization relies on donations to continue doing its important work and in return offers people the opportunity to look at these gorgeous creatures on their social media. If you want to help them out, you can find more info on how to donate here.

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