Dog Is Confused By His Human’s Reflection In The Bathroom Mirror During A Game Of Hide And Seek

Who doesn’t like a good game of hide and seek? It’s not only the thrill of the chase but also the moment when someone is found that brings about much excitement, especially when it’s with kids, or better yet—pets!

Shane and Lindsay of Irvine, California were having some fun with their 10-month-old Golden Retriever named Moose who was caught on video frantically looking around for Shane in their home. The video went viral, and you’ll see why in a bit.

It’s always exciting to see pets react in interesting ways to things we never even think about

Image credits: Caters Clips / lindsaygrace12 / _mcrae10

A video of Moose, the adorable 10-month-old Goldie, has begun going viral recently. The cute pupper was playing hide and seek with its lovely owners Shane and Lindsay.

Shane decided to hide behind their bathroom door, after which he took out his phone and filmed the game. We see Moose being all hectic and giddy with excitement, shuffling from corner to corner in search of its owner.

Moose soon comes into the bathroom, first stopping at the door for a brief moment and then darting towards the bath. You can see just how excited Moose really is by the amount and intensity of tail-wagging. And it’s adorable.

Meet Moose, the lovable Goldie who was adorably confused with how mirrors work

Image credits: Caters Clips / lindsaygrace12 / _mcrae10

Moose then turns around and heads for the door, but the owner asks him, “Where is he?”, giving Moose a subtle hint of where to look.

This is the moment that Moose catches a glimpse of Shane in the mirror, jumping on the bathroom counter and going quiet for a second, turning from super excited to hold on, I need to process this mode.

The lovable golden retriever is seen closing its mouth in seriousness and confusion, not making any motions and looking at the reflections of himself, Shane, and Lindsay.

You see, Moose was playing hide and seek with his owner Shane when he noticed him in the mirror

Image credits: Caters Clips / lindsaygrace12 / _mcrae10

Moose stood there for a good couple of seconds in disbelief of what he’s seeing, making for some of the funniest and most adorable couple of seconds you’ll see today.

But, soon Moose understands what’s going on and the jig is up—he quickly turns around and jumps towards Shane in a way that says gotcha!

It’s not yet fully known whether dogs understand the reflective properties of mirrors because dogs rely much more on their nose rather than their eyes, and a reflection isn’t something that has a particular smell. However, it is believed that dogs do have a sense of self-awareness in the sense that they understand that they have a body and that they have possessions.

Moose was left baffled for a couple of seconds, doing pure double-takes in total confusion

Image credits: Caters Clips / lindsaygrace12 / _mcrae10

Besides this, Moose is only 10 months old, and if human babies begin understanding mirrors at the age of 18 to 24 months, it’s quite likely that the confusion in Moose’s eyes was as natural as of any other animal not knowing how mirrors work.

Regardless, the internet loved it because both the frantic search and the fact that Moose won in the end are beyond adorable. Also, Golden Retrievers, some of the purest dogs there are that no human can really resist.

People online found it super adorable and the video soon went viral on the internet

Image credits: Caters Clips / lindsaygrace12 / _mcrae10

Watch the now viral video of Moose in search of his owner and the pure confusion on his face

Image credits: Caters Clips / lindsaygrace12 / _mcrae10

What are your thoughts on this? Would you like to play hide and seek with Moose? If so, where would you hide (why would you, Moose is adorable)? Let us know in the comments section below!

Here’s what the internet thought about Moose the adorable golden retriever’s hide and seek game

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