Clever Kids Who Pranked Their Parents With 9 Perfect Dad Jokes That Were Shared On A Viral Twitter Thread

When it comes to puns, people are divided into two groups: ones that adore them and people that loathe them. No matter which group you fall into, we believe that these punny pranks that were pulled by kids on their parents will surely put a smile on your face.

Just recently, one pun-inspired prank went viral on Twitter and it inspired other parents to share the jokes that their offspring pulled as well. Harmless and light-hearted, the jokes received a lot of attention, with the original Twitter thread counting over 311k likes. Scroll down below to see the pranks pulled by little smarty pants and comment down below whether your kid has ever pulled a prank on you!

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Recently, one woman’s tweet with her son’s prank went viral

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“My son came and got me, saying there was a serious leak under the kitchen sink.” Tenessa wrote on Twitter and shared a picture of one very serious leek under her sink.

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People loved the joke, with one person commenting that the pranking son should get “whatever he wants for Christmas.”

But apparently, not everyone is into puns. “A couple of weeks ago wife asked me to get some green onions while we were at the store. I wandered around for a bit before returning. ‘Sorry babe, I couldn’t find them and had to take a leek.’ She said I’m not funny,” one man commented under the now-viral Twitter thread.

And it inspired other parents to share how they’ve been pranked too

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Apparently, Tenessa’s kid was not the only one who pranked their parents with a “serious leek.”

Many of the pranks involved a smoking toilet

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While some were food-related puns

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