Apparently, This New FDA-Registered Face Mask Doesn’t Hide Your Face And Gives You Extraordinary Protection

As face masks became such a vital part of our everyday lives, people soon started to notice all the limitations surrounding them. Some complain that most masks make it hard to breathe, some say that they’re too hot, and some are annoyed that they make their glasses fog up. The list goes on, though it’s obvious that some of these problems are bigger and more important than others. A company called Redcliffe Medical Devices noticed one of those bigger issues and decided to solve it by creating their own product.

As you’ve probably already noticed, a mask hides half of a person’s face. Because of that, we can’t see people’s facial expressions and it complicates verbal communication quite a bit. But most importantly, when everyone’s wearing a mask, deaf individuals can no longer lip-read and it makes all of their daily interactions a lot harder. Redcliffe Medical Devices took it into consideration and created a face mask that doesn’t hide your face and at the same time offers you supreme protection.

LEAF is the world’s first FDA-registered transparent face mask

Image credits: LEAF

“LEAF is the mask of 2020. It’s the world’s first fully transparent mask that protects you from dust, pollution, microbes, and everything else that should not be in the air you breathe,” claims the LEAF team.

Apparently, the mask has a high-efficiency filter that rapidly filters 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Moreover, it eliminates all of the nasty odors from the air you’re breathing.

The design is quite futuristic-looking

Image credits: LEAF

Turns out that the filters these masks have make it two times easier to breathe compared to full fabric ones. Moreover, the LEAF team claims that the mask has a self-cleaning function: “The high power UV-C light destroys pathogens at the DNA level every 30 seconds or at the press of the button.” And, as an extra level of protection, they include a carbon filter.

Image credits: LEAF

LEAF claims that, along with all these amazing protective qualities, their masks are super comfortable to wear. “The entire mask along with the straps is developed from a unibody medical-grade silicone structure. This allows the mask to be extremely comfortable to wear with no stress points being developed from constant long term wear,” says the company.

Image credits: LEAF

Many internet users were concerned that such a mask would fog up in no time. But don’t worry, the LEAF team already thought about it—turns out that the mask includes a permanent anti-fog coating on the inside.

Image credits: LEAF

The company claims that all the parts of these masks are 100% recyclable.

Image credits: LEAF

And it comes in a wide range of colors!

Image credits: LEAF

Many people were praising this idea

On the other hand, it seems like some people have gotten really comfortable wearing regular masks…

What do you think about this LEAF mask? Would you like to own one of these? Tell us in the comments!

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