Americans Stand Up For Top US Infectious Diseases Expert Dr. Fauci By Posting Positive Stories About Him

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious diseases expert in the United States, has been coming under fire from the White House more and more. Most recently, President Donald Trump called him “a little bit of an alarmist” in an interview with Fox News on Sunday, July 19. His words have some Americans in an uproar.

To show that they don’t agree with the president’s verdict, some Americans are posting positive stories about Dr. Fauci to show that he is a competent expert (and a great human being, too). Scroll down to have a read and upvote your fave Dr. Fauci stories. We’d also love to get your take on the situation in the comment section, dear Pandas. (Just remember to keep the conversation friendly.)

Funscrape spoke about Dr. Fauci with Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, an infectious disease specialist at the University of California, San Francisco, as well as with Dr. Luke Messac who shared his personal story about how great Dr. Fauci is online. Scroll down for the double interview.

#1 Tony Fauci And Ebola Patient

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#2 When It Comes To Covid Should We Believe Doctor Fauci Or Donald Trump?

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#3 That Doctor Was Fauci

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According to Dr. Chin-Hong, Dr. Fauci speaks “plain science, star and raw in its directness,” which is why we should value him. “The narrative of an uncontrolled and accelerating COVID-19 epidemic that Fauci paints is at odds with the increasing urgency by some in the administration of a rapid return to opening the country’s economy. In recent times, the divergence between the two sides is only becoming more accentuated, hence the seismic shift in the way Dr. Fauci is viewed by some.”

Dr. Chin-Hong also stressed that Dr. Fauci and the information that he shares is very reliable. “From a scientific [perspective], the information that Dr. Fauci conveys is completely reliable. Dr. Fauci is a national treasure, an unflappable scientist himself and a mentor to all of us on the front lines and in the community. May we not lose his voice of reason and data driven recommendations in the weeks to come. We need him more than ever.”

#4 Undergrad Thesis

Funscrape reached out to Dr. Luke Messac and spoke to him about Dr. Fauci. “I was grateful when he invited me to his office for the interview. I knew he was a busy guy, and that he was one of the most knowledgeable people in the world the subject I was researching (the US response to global AIDS). I was honestly shocked when he wrote back with such detailed comments on my thesis. I never expected him to read the thing; I think the only people who had read it at that point were my graders and my Mom. But as I’ve come to learn, that’s just who Dr. Fauci is. He makes time for people, even people without power or position. He tries to learn from everyone,” Dr. Messac went into detail.

We were also interested to know Dr. Messac’s take on why some politicians might be trying to discredit Dr. Fauci. “I don’t know, but if you’ve got the Michael Jordan of pandemic response on your team, you don’t leave him on the bench. You put him on the court. For decades, Dr. Fauci has coordinated the development of new therapeutics and vaccines, and he helped lead successful international responses to some of the world’s worst diseases. We definitely need him now.”

Dr. Messac explained to us that we all need to be united if we are to get out of the coronavirus crisis. “It would be so great, for public health and public sanity, if we understood that we really will rise or fall together. We need this to get everyone on board with the measures that help drive down transmission (measures like masks, distancing, quarantine, etc.). We also need it to build support for the policies that will help people to survive this pandemic, policies like universal health care, income supports, and decarceration. American individualism has its place, but this is a moment for solidarity.”

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#5 When Fauci Took Over Niaid, The World Was In The Throes Of The Hiv/Aids Crisis. He Was One Of The Leading Architects Of The President’s Emergency Plan For Aids Relief, A Program Credited With Saving Millions Of Lives

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#6 I Have Known Dr. Fauci For 25 Years. His Contributions To Hiv Field, Other Infectious Diseases, Immunology And Public Health Is So Massive That, No Level Of Effort Can Discredit Him

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“There is nobody I know on this planet that is more knowledgeable about infectious diseases… Nobody comes close. He is a national treasure,” the Director of the National Institutes of Health Dr. Francis Collins spoke about Dr. Fauci’s credibility. Dr. Collins added that he “cannot imagine” firing Dr. Fauci if asked to do so.

During the interview with Trump, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace pressed the president about the death toll in the US. Trump claimed that mortality rates in the US were “one of the lowest in the world.”

Mortality rates are difficult to pin down, as we’ve already discussed in our post right here. However, as the numbers currently stand, the United States has the most confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths in the world.

#7 It Was An Honor To Serve With Fauci In The Administration Of Barackobama

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#8 He Literally Wrote The Book

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#9 Dr. Fauci Receives Presidential Medal Of Freedom

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According to Johns Hopkins University, there are over 14.5 million Covid-19 cases worldwide and more than 606k people have lost their lives with the virus or because of it at the time of writing. Meanwhile, there are over 3.77 million coronavirus cases in the US and 140.5k people have lost their lives.

Brazil is right behind the US with 2.09 million cases and 79.5k deaths. India is in third place in terms of infections with 1.112 million reported cases while the United Kingdom is in third place for mortality with over 45.4k deaths. CNN writes that Trump “rebuked” Wallace for using Johns Hopkins University data.

Dr. Fauci earlier warned that reopening states and ending Covid-19 lockdowns prematurely would lead to a rise in infections. Unfortunately, he was right. The number of infections shot up rapidly after states began easing quarantine measures at the end of Spring and at the start of Summer.

#10 President George H. W. Bush Asked Fauci To Be Head Of The Nih In 1989, But Fauci Refused, Saying That His Work At Niaid Was More Important

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#11 Meanwhile….

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