Is big show still the wrestling giant as we know him for years?

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If you are you wrestling fan, and love to watch wrestling. Then you must want to know about is big show still the wrestling giant as we know him for years? Here you get all the relevant information to your doubts and queries.


Big show was born on February 8, 1972 and made his debut in professional wrestling in 1995. There is a reason why big show is called the giant of the WWE. He is perhaps the only superstar that has been constantly performing in the ring since his debut. During his career WWE has made drafted him in so many of their past brands like he competed in (WCW) in 1999 where he started his career as the world’s largest athlete in the world. He is an actor also. Big show has wrestled many great matches in the ring and battled some of the biggest legends of the wrestling world. He is currently the only superstar who has the privilege to be called as the copy of Andre the giant. He is 7 feet tall and was one time 500 pounds that no one could lift him up. It is because of his heavy weight he has managed to adapt his own unique wrestling abilities.

  • What he has accomplished in the WWE?

1) He is the only person to held the WWE, ECW and WCW championships

2) He won the grand slam competition

3) He is 11 time tag team champion with numerous superstars

4) Also won the intercontinental, United States, and hard core championships

5) Also won the Andre the giant memorial battle royal at wrestle mania 31

  • Apart from doing wrestling what he also does?

Outside the professional wrestling he is also an actor and featured in many films as well. WWE studios have launched him in many roles like comedy, action, and drama films. After all these years fans still wants to see him performing in the ring because no one can forget what he has done for the company by staying it and giving his best all the time.

  • What about his current status?

Apparently, he is on so many WWE tours, and is out of weekly appearance in of the shows. Ever since his last match against Brock LESNAR at the Madison square garden he is capable of making some great feuds and ready to take all the new comers as well.

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