8 Times When Underwear Turns Harmful For Your Health

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What do you think, in the days when body positivity is on such a rise, would we be free to wear any underwear type or get the freedom that allows us to live free without wearing any? Well, I don't have the answer to the question but, I do have certain good things related to it for reducing your internal issues to the ground level. And when I'm saying internal issues, it signals towards most important part of our body, i.e. lower bottom and the type of clothing we provide it with.

Down here, I have listed few points that tell about the impact of the type of underwear plus the daily habits you choose.

#1 Too small underwears can prove to be miserable for you

Got morose after reading this point. Poor me, poor you and poor we all.

#2 Most unhygienic underwears are said to be thongs

Thong is the house for yeast or bacterial infections.

#3 Say a big NO to synthetic and silk underwears

#4 Avoid sweaty undies, fellas!

Change your underwear ASAP, it's not only helpful in controlling infections but is healthy too.

#5 Shapewears can turn risky

#6 No underwear for whole day can turn to be harmful

The natural moisture produced by vagina needs a shelter to collect in, so do wear your panties in the day time.

7 But not wearing them at night is healthier

#8 Use non-hypoallergenic detergent for washing panties

The most important thing for keeping your underwear and yourself hygienic and healthy is washing them with such type of detergent

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