78 Things That Are Normal In Movies But Never Happen IRL

Life would be much simpler yet more exciting at the same time if things worked just like in our favorite movies. The good guys would always save the day at the last minute. Adventures of a lifetime could happen at any moment. And your soulmate could be just around the corner. Alas! That’s not how the real world works.

OG_Builds created a thread on r/AskReddit and asked people to share what is totally normal in movies but never actually happens in real life. And, wow, did people deliver! The redditor’s post received 28.8k comments in 2 days, as well as more than 64.2k upvotes. Scroll down to have a look, don’t forget to upvote your fave things that are normal in movies, and share your own ideas in the comments! OG_Builds told Funscrape that they got the idea to make the thread after watching a lot of movies while on vacation, while the comment that they could relate to the most was the one about finding new friends.

“I think the comment I found the most relatable was one pointing out how movie characters find friends the second they move to a new city. I just moved to a new town and I feel like movies underestimate the amount of time it takes to get to know people and build relationships.” Read on for the rest of our interview with the thread’s OP.


Women can be in the jungle for days but no body hair anywhere.

Men instantly grow a beard

Image credits: bubblebumblejumble


Hacking is typing really fast.

Image credits: inkseep1


Bombs with a special display that counts down to zero.

Image credits: VoiceOfRealson

“While watching The Amazing Spiderman 2, I thought about how there are so many things that are never questioned in movies, though the same things rarely happen in real life. I wanted to see if my fellow redditors had some examples of such things,” OG_Builds shared what inspired them to make the thread in the first place.

They added that some of the other comments that stuck in their head from the thread were about car explosions and parking spots. “Another user commented that it takes very little impact for a car to blow up. If a car crashes into a tree it explodes, which is rarely the case in real life. Someone also pointed out that finding parking spots is way too easy. I never thought about this, but it’s actually really weird that movie characters are able to find parking spots in the middle of the day in Manhattan.”


people recovering very quickly from injuries, especially head injuries

Image credits: Individual-Bird-8810


Police take a DNA sample and have the results in an hour.

Image credits: inkseep1


Working as a waitress and living in a huge apartment, with the fridge full, and expensive clothes.

Image credits: DemonLinuzzz

In the redditor’s opinion, life wouldn’t be better if everything worked like in the movies. “I think movies fail to acknowledge that humans aren’t perfect. We make mistakes. Sometimes we stumble the words and we cough in the middle of conversations. Life isn’t always on our side. Sometimes, we need an hour to find somewhere to park, and some days we wake up with the worst bed hair.”

They continued: “Some might say it would be easier if life was a movie, but these flaws and imperfections are what make life so beautiful. I wouldn’t change that for the world.”


Being able to outrun an explosion.

Image credits: My_Dog_Rolls_In_Poo


Meeting new friends the minute you move to a new town.

Image credits: Pralineswithrum


Unlimited bullets and accuraccy 100% for shooting normal bad guys

Image credits: beklog

Whether things would be better if life were more like movies is debatable; but making movies more like real life would be a pretty bad idea, don’t you think? Let’s have a think and see what would change.

Imagine for a moment how boring Star Wars and movies with battles in outer space would be if we didn’t willingly suspend our disbelief and wanted everything to be super-realistic.

Ion cannons and explosions wouldn’t make any sounds (“In space no one can hear you scream” is very accurate, too). Meanwhile, you couldn’t even see those spectacular laser weapons. Darn you, vacuum of space, why do you have to make things so dull?!

However, lightsabers could kinda sorta maybe work according to some scientists and some very dedicated and talented crafters.


Mom makes a huge breakfast and lays it all out. Kids and husband grab a bagel on the way out the door ignoring all the food

Image credits: FTAKJ


Looking away from the road for a solid 10 seconds while driving to talk to someone

Image credits: Hadius


Actually being able to have a conversation at a bar while music is playing.

Image credits: Birthday_Dad

Action scenes would also be horrific if everything worked on IRL logic and not film logic. Protagonists wouldn’t disarm the bomb at the last second before the timer counted down to zero. There’d be no timer in the first place!

In case our heroes couldn’t disarm the bomb in time, they wouldn’t walk away from the explosion without getting hurt at all. The powerful shockwave would mean that the villains would win and that we’d have to get new heroes in the middle of the film. (Come to think of it, it would be interesting to see more movies where the bad guys win.)


“Enhancing” a sh**ty quality image to 4k and zooming in to the size of a microbe with perfect clarity.

Image credits: AtL_eAsTwOoD


People waking up with perfect make up, my wife points this out in everything we watch.

Image credits: Zackaryharribo23


Walking home from the grocery store carrying a single paper bag with an unwrapped loaf of French bread sticking out the top.

Let’s also not forget how dangerous jumping through shattered glass windows is in real life. The sharp edges would hurt you very, very badly. Meanwhile, action heroes shrug shattered windows off like it’s no big deal.

Our verdict? Movies might have a bunch of things in them that never happen in real life but that’s why we love them so much! We wouldn’t have it any other way because movies that are too realistic wouldn’t have much structure and would end before things really got started. Now if only movie logic would spread to real life…


The pushy dude in the romcom ends up getting the girl whereas in real life they’d be more likely to end up with a restraining order.


People in their twenties having large lavish apartments.


Unless they are written to be stupid/ comic relief, people in movies talk with zero filler words. In real life very few people are able to do that.

Image credits: Wind_Yer_Neck_In


Guy walks in holding a 30-page document, gives to some other dude.

The dude who’s getting the document glances at the first page for a nanosecond and immediately knows everything there is to know about this case.

Image credits: I_hate_traveling


In action movies where the main character kills like 100 bad guys

Image credits: letmegetausername


Cars exploding on impact


A crash or chase happens with shooting and stuff and every other car continues to drive as if nothing is going on around them. People slam on the brakes in real life cause a cop is going the opposite direction on the highway, yet you watch a Marvel movie and a dudes tailgating a van Cpt America and Ultron are actively fighting on.

Image credits: ShnuckTuck88


Someone goes up to a bar and asks for alcohol or beer and the bartender gives it to them without asking the brand or type.

Image credits: goggleboxdogooder


It always bugged me when on a show kids would be getting ready for school and it’d be sunny out.

Maybe I just had an early start time, but it was always still dark out when I was up and getting ready for school.


Ask your friends to meet you at a predetermined time and place with no explanation as to why.

I have a hard time getting friends to meet up for legitimate reasons with advanced notice. Meanwhile, movie characters come together in an abandoned warehouse in Brazil like…

(all walk in at the same time)

“Why’d you call?”


Nobody ever has to use the toilet.


Hackers. Perfect code, first try, no issues ever. If your code runs correctly first try, you’re confused and scared.


In horror movies I always enjoy how fast and deep a perfectly symmetrical grave gets dug

Image credits: LugosisKarloff


Wherever the detective has to go, he always finds a parking spot right in front of the place. Downtown Manhattan included.

Image credits: ataru-moroboshi


Most “knockout” drugs don’t work very fast.

Chloroform is always depicted to be some “instant-knockout” drug when in reality it takes several minutes of constant exposure to knock someone unconscious.

I’d guess a bad guy standing there for seven minutes waiting for the hero to pass out would probably make for a boring movie.


People surviving wounds/injuries that should be fatal.


Having one or two drags of a cigarette and throwing it away, you know how expensive those [friggin] things are


How normalized stalking is. “You dropped this, so I followed you for three hours to give it back” -> “Kiss and hug, now we’re dating”.

In reality, it’s mace and call the cops for stalking.


Physically fit and attractive people everywhere.


People not screaming in absolute agony when shot or stabbed in the gut.

Reservoir dogs is one movie that did it realistically.

Image credits: Walsh_man


Every computer in a movie or show constantly chirps/beeps/speaks when used. That would be really damn annoying in real life.


School in movies just consumes about 10% of the day

Image credits: blacka1rforceRuto


Everyone’s house is neat and tidy.


Running with high heels (and not breaking a bone)


In a fight, those henchmen usually fight the main character one by one, one on one until they all get beaten.


Scientists in any field are experts in every other field of science as well, e.g. the physicist in Annihilation concluding the tree formations are due to homeotic mutations.

Image credits: survivalothefittest


Taking one bite and you are done haha


Using guns in small rooms with no ear protection, without being affected by the very loud bang that would probably damage your hearing


Always having your hair look nice.

Image credits: ProudSetting


Silencers make a pfffft sound. Silencers are still pretty loud. If you shoot one it wont go unnoticed.


Not saying bye before hanging up.


“I don’t have time to explain, we need to go!”


Teenagers being built like [friggin] tanks

Image credits: not_wadud92


A small misunderstanding, not resolved by explaining, goes on to create an entire chain of wacky hijinix. Usually initiated by ‘wait, I can explain!’


Uninterested woman has a sudden change of heart for the loser guy and they live happily ever after.


Two people having a conversation, and a third person joins the conversion completely up to speed on what is being talked about, even though they weren’t even in the room 2 seconds ago.


Little kids (6-7 yr olds) having the language and mannerisms of well behaved adults.

No small kids are weird, gangly and goofy in movies.


In a boxing movie, the hero always wins by dramatic KO in the later rounds having lost every round up until that point and taking a severe beating. In reality, the fight would have been stopped in his opponent’s favor several rounds previously.


Nobody charging their dang phones when they go to bed! Bonus points for characters who are waiting for an important phone call – where in the hell do they get these phones with super-mega-battery life?!


Waking up from a long coma and being able to walk…


Serial killers just standing there staring at you and giving you enough Time to escape.

Image credits: LonelySwimming8


Women in war zones and other longterm disaster situations with filthy matted hair and tattered grimy clothes always seem to find the time to have perfectly groomed eyebrows and put on a little make-up


All channels always having either news or old movies.


Kids at a school dance are all up dancing. In real life they just stand in circles and talk (at least when I was a teenager that’s how it was)


Guys kiss girls to shut them up


Suddenly singing and with matching choreography


Answering your phone when you don’t recognize the number


when the girl is walking on the street holding her books and bumped into an attractive man ,who helps her collecting her books from the floor,then they look at each other and fall in love.


No one ever says “bye” on the phone..

All carried luggage is light af

No one needs a haircut. Ever.


People who wake up and start making out. We all know you have dog shit breath first thing in the morning.


An orange filter when you go to mexico


Just showing up at someone’s front door unannounced


No one ever has to parallel park downtown. There’s always a free couple of spots they can drive right into, right in front of the building they need to visit.


You can have a Ph.D. in theoretical high-energy astrophysics, have finished your postdoc(s), and be running the biggest project in the organization by the time you are 23 if you are a woman and really pretty.


No red traffic lights, unless it’s part of the plot.


That guns never need to reload


easily avoidable issues if the person just explains what is happening


Not making mistakes when talking


TV news is always important to the plot.


Things going according to plan


Background music. Life would be so much better with background music


If some monumental fight or event happens that threatens a relationship or marriage, one literal 5 minute talk the next day takes the relationship completely back to normal. What the [hell] is that

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