42 Cats Who Mastered The Art Of Sleeping In Trees

The way cats sleep is a phenomenon in its own right. No, their way is not mind-blowing or anything—it’s literally any way.

Hailed as renowned catnapping champions, they have been spotted sleeping—oh boy, you name it. If you think I’m talking a vegan mat from a local hipster pet place, check out Funscrape’s previous lists on cats sleeping in the weirdest places here, here, and here, and it should be clear enough.

This time, though, we are covering felines levitating in trees not because they’re bird hunting, stargazing, or reflecting on the world below. It’s rather ‘cause they’re doing their fave thing. Curled in the most bizarre positions, these cattos have been spotted nodding off in grape trees, pine trees, cherry trees, alder trees, and more. We could call this list a botanical collection with a feline twist, but it’s impossible to ignore just how hilarious it all is becoming.


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Funscrape reached out to Marilyn Krieger, certified cat behavior consultant and author of “Naughty No More,” to find out more about feline behavior in the sleep department. ‘Cause oh boy, there are too many questions that need to be answered here.

First of all, if it seems like your cat is virtually sleeping all the time, it’s exactly how it looks. Marilyn explained that cats sleep an average of 17 hours a day to conserve energy. “Feral, stray, and wild cats hunt about 10 times a day—it takes a lot of energy to hunt.”

Domestic cats still carry the same instincts as their wild cousins; although they don’t need to hunt for meals, they take their time to recuperate.


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Image credits: dewycheek


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But keep in mind that even when your cat is asleep, they’re still alert and quick to respond to any possible threats. “Watch your cat’s ears when she sleeps. You’ll note how they move and turn, tracking sounds that may be undetectable to the human ear,” said Marilyn.

When it comes to sleeping in trees, Marilyn suggests that cats do so because it enables them “to see potential meals and help to keep them safe from predators on the ground.” Moreover, “Another plus for sleeping up high is that heat rises and napping spots are toasty.”

The cat behaviorist also said that felines always have “valid reasons for choosing places to nap.” So it’s not all as random as it looks to our human eye. “Instinct can prevail and cats seek out places that feel safe,” she added.


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