39 Easy Body Tricks That May Come In Handy

Let’s face it, we virtually know nothing about our bodies. I mean, we breathe, and sleep, and eat, and put it on repeat. But apparently, there’s some everyday magic we can do with our physique that we didn’t have a clue existed. Pull your seat closer.

You know how you’re sitting in a movie theatre and out of nowhere, your nose is about to blast off like Elon Musk’s SpaceX? There’s a trick for this. Or hiccups. There’s a simple hack to treat those little devils too. Because we can only take a limited amount of hiccups at a time, and every extra one is a threat to human dignity.

So scroll down below to pack yourself with some useful tips and tricks that may save your date, shield you from embarrassment, and simply make it pass.


Stop a sneeze in its tracks by pressing down on the area right above your upper lip.


When you do pullups, try to imagine yourself pulling your elbows down, not pulling your body up. It’s a mental trick that can make them feel easier, because it forces you to use the muscles in your back more.

Image credits: FloralBison


If you’re worried you’re gonna throw up, you’re mouth usually fills with saliva a bit beforehand because the contents of your stomach are harmful to the throat. It’s a pretty good sign you’re gonna toss them cookies.

Image credits: myrtlemurrs


When you are hot pour cold water over your wrists to cool your body off. The reason this remedy works is because your wrist and neck both contain pulse points, areas where you can feel your pulse because your blood vessels are close to the surface of your skin.

Image credits: mojaksywa


If you feel a sneeze coming but it fails to emerge (super frustrating), look at a bright light and it’ll come. Works for me almost every time.

Image credits: Raisinization


If you have a stuffed up nostril, lay on your side which is opposite to the nostril (e.g. If the left nostril is plugged, lay on your right side). Try tilting your head different ways and just lay there. Once you find the right head orientation, the pressure will relieve itself. It’s orgasmic.

Image credits: bigolmonkeyfarm


When you get a brain freeze, press and hold your tongue up to the roof of your mouth.


Drain congested sinuses by alternating between pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth, then pressing a finger between your eyebrows


To hear someone talking next to you in a loud room, lightly pull back on the little flaps on both your ears — then push them in.

Image credits: parispictures


Lie on your left side to help prevent bedtime heartburn after you eat a big meal


Water should be the first thing you put into your body each day.

Image credits: NateDawg24


Feeling depressed or just thoroughly upset? Have a snack containing the following:

–Dark chocolate (to raise endorphins)

–Blueberries (to raise serotonin)

–Green tea+ (which contains L-theanine that blocks stress receptors in your brain)

–Anything rich in B-vitamins like 5-Hour Energy, VitaminWater, or banana chips (as B-vitamins replenish energy that’s sapped when you are depressed)

I’ve used this custom snack pack to great effect in the past, even coming back from being legitimately suicidal. I’ve had my mood turn around inside of 2 hours with this. I’m on a daily antidepressant now and am doing much better overall, but sometimes I still need this emotional bandaid fix.

+Hot or cold green tea will work, but for added benefit, holding a warm mug of hot tea sends signals to your brain to help your muscles relax, which you may be subconsciously tensing due to stress.

Image credits: PianoManGidley


Stop a nosebleed by leaning your head forward a little, then pinching your nose in a specific spot for five minutes.

Image credits: Harvard Health Blog


To calm down when you’re feeling extremely nervous, put your thumb in your mouth, close your lips, and try to blow out air, letting your cheeks puff up.


To quickly cure your hiccups: Deeply inhale, hold it, swallow twice, then exhale through your nose.


Chew gum to stop that earworm song that’s stuck in your head.


Rolling around and stretching on the floor for 5-10 minutes helps to relieve a huge amount of body aches/soreness for me. It really relaxes your body and loosens it up.

Image credits: Sumit316


If you’re wearing wet swim trunks, wrap a towel tightly around your waist, and pull it tight around your knees as well, so that your knees are touching each other. Now squat as low as you can, you should feel the towel constrict even tighter. Your swim trunks should now be totally dry, and you can go straight inside and sit on the couch without getting yelled at by mom for leaving a big wet mark.

Image credits: saunter-o-dimm


If you have somewhat of a double chin or you want your jawline to be more defined in a picture, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

Image credits: crdog


Guys: when shaving over your Adam’s apple, swallow as you swipe down to avoid getting nicked.

Image credits: crdog


Instead of treading water and tiring yourself out float on your back by arching your spine and pushing your hips up toward the sky. Spread your limbs out and use small movements with your arms to stabilize. Contemplate life.

Image credits: crdog


Tiptoe (toe-heel walk) every time you aren’t wearing shoes, improves balance and +1 stealth. Also good way to workout those calves.

Image credits: crdog


If you need to pee but don’t have to, push into your belly button with your finger. Kinda wiggle it around as you push. This will give you the sensation to pee.

Image credits: luxanderson


Next time you leave a club or concert and your ears are ringing and you’re having trouble hearing quieter noises, cover your ears with your palms with your fingers wrapped around the back of your head. Then use your first and middle fingers on each hand to sort of flick the back of your head a bunch of times. The ringing should mostly go away and your hearing will come back for a while.

Image credits: pappy_van_sprinkle


If you need to get up in the middle of the night keep one eye closed so that when you flip on the lights it stays attuned to night vision. That way you can still see in the dark with the other eye when you’re done.

Image credits: Davidglo


This one is specifically for women: if you feel lower abdominal pain so severe that it seems like it might be appendicitis, try lying down in different positions to feel whether you can minimize the pain.

If the pain has varying intensities with different body positions it probably isn’t appendicitis even if it’s right quadrant pain. Still go see a doctor promptly; ask for an ultrasound. It’s more likely ovarian cyst torsion.

Learned this from my gynecologist.

Image credits: doublestitch


Improve your lung capacity by trying to swim the entire length of the pool underwater on one deep breath.

I’ve been working on this at the large pool at the gym, and the extra breathing capacity has proved beneficial in a variety of ways – including stamina.

Image credits: Back2Bach


Squeezing your left thumb into your palm can help cut off your gag reflex.

Thought it was [bullcrap]. Tried it. Can brush my tongue nicely now

Image credits: MaxwellSavageYork


If you’re writing a test and are having trouble thinking/remembering an answer, adjust your position – somehow this helps you think differently


To ensure you never miss contact in a high-five, watch the other person’s elbow.


When you accidentally burn your tongue on hot coffee or tea, swish with very cold water (but don’t suck on ice)


Make pooping easier by elevating your knees and feet, so you’re in a squatting position.


More a gltich than a hack, but if you position yourself in the door frame (or something similar) with your arms hanging down and push both your arms against the frame with all your force and keep doing that for about 30 seconds and step away while completely relaxing your arms your arms will raise themselves upwards while you are relaxing your arms.


If you are experiencing a panic attack or you are anxious enough to elevate your heart rate, you can hold a cold water bottle to your face between your nose and cheekbone and hold your breath for 30 seconds to have your body relax itself.


If you have water stuck in your ear, tilt your head so that ear is facing the ground, jump in the air (doesn’t have to be high at all) and land on your heels with your knees locked. Problem solved.


Not sure if it’s a hack but if you want to straighten your posture place your body comfortably against a wall, lift your arms up, side raise all the way up, keep repeating for a couple of minutes, when you take a step forward your posture will be improved for a bit. Keep repeating for better results


If you get some form of exercise every day, your mind and body will feel better. Lifting 3-4 times a week and biking to work/school every day has completely changed who I am over the course of a year and a half. Don’t give up on yourself.


If your lower back often feels tight, try lifting yourself in any location where you can dangle your legs. Relax your back and let the weight of your legs stretch out your back. The corner formed by two counters in a kitchen is a very common place that works.


You can (temporarily) silence tinnitus by putting both hands on the back of your head with you middle fingers touching at the base of the skull and your hands covering your ears. Now tap under the base with both your index fingers and the tinnitus should disappear. For me it only works temporarily sadly and one friend of mine said it didn’t work for him at all, but I think it is kinda cool

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