30 Times People Found Such Great Secondhand Lamps It Was Too Good Not To Share

There’s a group called Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared dedicated to some of the most “wat da heck” oddities found at thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, and wherever you go not to spend an arm and a leg on something that functions. If you just got here, check out our previous posts with their catches here, here, and here.

But this post is shinin’ bright like a diamond ‘cause we are talking lamps. Not just some basic pound store-grade sources of light that emit questionable levels of dimness, but proud secondhand catches that prove the hunter’s mad thrifting skills.

From a super fancy Looney Tunes lamp to a honking goose lamp, these are some of the most illuminating finds people have shared in the group. In an unlikely match, interior design lovers and secondhand hunters unite, and the result is this miscellaneous compilation below.

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#1 My Greatest Thrift Find Ever. When I Bought It I Only Thought The Dots Would Glow. I Was Shocked When I Turned It On!! Best $10 I Ever Spent. Hope House Foundation Thrift Shop, Norfolk Va

Image credits: Hannah Marie

#2 Snagged This Amazing Lamp For My Sons Room Since He Loves Dragons And Dinosaurs But I Think I Fell In Love With It!! It Is So Cool!

Image credits: Alicia Miller

#3 Got This Unusual Lightbulb As Bonus To A $5 Lamp At Value Village In Fairbanks

Image credits: Sarah Olga Thomas

Funscrape reached out to the founders of the Weird Secondhand Finds group that started as “a gathering place intended for our friends and family” and turned into a full-blown passionate community with more than 1.9 million followers.

We asked them about secondhand lamp hunting and it turns out, it’s more popular than you’d think. The co-founder said that lamps are a super common item found in American thrift stores. “A lot of very unusual lamps can be found pretty regularly at thrift shops and yard sales.”

#4 I Inherited This Cool UFO Looking Lamp From My Great Uncle This Past Year. It Doesnt Have Any Maker Markings On It So Its Hard To Look Up How Old It Is. Its Made Entirely Out Of Brass And Glass And Is One Of My Favorite Things Ive Ever Acquired

Image credits: Calli Steffen

#5 Introducing Our Seahorse Floor Lamp! It Stands About 6 Feet Tall And Cost Us $75 From Our Local Goodwill About 12 Years Ago

Image credits: JJ Burnworth

#6 My Awesome Oyster Lamp I Was Able To Scoop Up For A Mere $20 Since It Did Not Light Up. I Am Happy To Report It Is Now Working Great And Is Illuminating The Entire Room!

Image credits: Taylor Serdy

As you can imagine, their group is so active, with at least 1 post submitted every minute and 2 to 3 posts per minute on busier days, that it’s hard to follow what kind of unusual lamps get submitted among the posts.

One of the co-founders has said that these two findings have stood out in particular—a gigantic chicken lamp and a six-foot-tall artichoke-esque lamp.

#7 This Stain Glass Whale Light Measuring 4′ Long Was Going To Be Thrown In A Dumpster

It was hanging in a wood shop so it was covered with a thick layer of saw dust. I brought it home and cleaned it up really well and it turned out looking really nice. I love whales and I’m extremely happy to have saved this beautiful one of a kind piece of art from being destroyed. It’s in it’s forever home!

Image credits: Chris Braga

#8 It’s A Two Foot Tall Metal Mushroom With Two Little Mushroom Pals

Image credits: Krista Brochman

#9 This Magnificent Lamp! $8 At The Thrift Store

Image credits: Katie Jane

The founders also said that thrifting or junk hunting is something we all can learn, but “you have to have an interest in it first.” “For the people in the group, I think it’s largely a hobby,” but there are a few who “have managed to turn it into an income source.”

At the end of the day, it’s mostly about “the thrill of the hunt more than anything else,” said the co-founder, and I can see what she’s saying. I mean, who wouldn’t be over the moon after hunting down the most random, yet oddly beautiful gigantic chicken lamp to put in their living room? I would.

#10 My Mom Gave Me This Lamp. It Was A Wedding Present To Her And My Dad. It Came From The Philippines And Is Made From Shell. It Needs Some Tlc But I’m So Happy To See It Works Still

Image credits: Crystal Ramos

#11 Alien Lamp

Image credits: Laura McCartney

#12 Finally Found A Mushroom Lamp Today! I Am In Love

Image credits: Alexandra McKay

#13 Found A Beautiful Blue Telephone At A Garage Sale Last Month And My Husband Made A Lamp Out Of It For Me. I Love It!!!

Image credits: Joan Rogers

#14 This Light Came From My Fiance’s Recently Deceased Mother’s House. It’s Been In The Family For Ages, I Was Told It Is An Original Tiffany Lamp, But Can Never Find Any Information On It. It’s My Favorite Piece In My Vintage Bar Room

Image credits: Amanda Sherman

#15 My Aunt Purchased This Goose Lamp At A Thrift Store Or Yard Sale Probably 20+ Years Ago As A Gag Gift

My aunt purchased this goose lamp at a thrift store or yard sale probably 20+ years ago as a gag gift. My parents loved it and proudly displayed it in their front window for many years, complete with a wardrobe of seasonal and holiday outfits. My mom’s friend stumbled on another goose lamp and gave it to them as well. So my parents eventually passed the original goose on to me to display in my own window. He now wears a sombrero that my friend bought for my cat (the cat didn’t like the sombrero as much as the goose lamp did). I thought my suburban neighborhood would hate the goose, but during quarantine, I have met many neighbors and they all love it! He’s on a timer. I used to have a WiFi lightbulb in there, but it was just out of good WiFi range and was flaky, so I switched back to an old school plug-in timer. I recently got new WiFi with an extra unit – maybe I should try again or get one of those LED bulbs that can change colors

Image credits: Carrie O'Brien

#16 Octopus Lamp Found At The Johnson Terminal Antique Mall In Winnipeg

Image credits: Libby Schmidt‎

#17 It’s A Lamp! I Passed By It A Couple Times But Had To Have It And Went Back For It. The Lady Having Her Yard Sale Wanted $2 For It!! Sold In A Heartbeat!

Image credits: Amy Holliday

#18 I “Found” This Broken Street Lamp Globe On The Side Of The Road And With Some Cleaning, Gluing, And Christmas Lights It’s My New Favorite Lamp!

Image credits: Anna Genrich‎

#19 Bought This Lamp From A Very Lovely Woman During A Moving Sale Recently And I Don’t Think I Was Able To Express My Gratitude Enough For Selling Me This Amazing Piece. Yes, It Is A Woman Riding A Dolphin. Yes, It Is Now My Favorite Thing Ever

Image credits: Savannah Crutchley

#20 First Timer…. I Bought This Coral Mushroom Lamp From A Goodwill In Dallas Oregon For $5!!! I Had No Idea It Was Vintage And No Idea It Was Worth More Than $5 Until I Saw Someone Else Post One Similar To Mine!!! I Love This Lamp So Much! I Will Treasure Forever

Image credits: Anna Holmes

#21 Found This Awesome Lamp At Coin Antique In Hutchinson, Mn Was Love At First Sight, Bought It With No Regrets

Image credits: Kyle Shelstad

#22 I Collect Stained Glass Lamps. Here’s One I Love The Most

Image credits: Jeanne Norton

#23 Since There Seems To Be A Few Awesome Lamp Posts Today (No Pun Intended), I Thought I Would Share This Dreamy Massive Lamp That Appealed To The 10-Year-Old In Me. Approximately Two And A Half Feet Tall (Without The Shade). Seen At The Out Of The Closet Thrift Store In Pasadena, California

Image credits: Michael Cosgrove

#24 When I Was A Little Girl, My Grandmas’ Had One Of These Rain Lamps And I Was Absolutely Memorized By It. I Thought It Was The Most Beautiful Thing Hanging In Their Pepto-Bismol Pink Painted Living Room

When I was a little girl, my grandmas’ had one of these rain lamps and I was absolutely memorized by it. I thought it was the most beautiful thing hanging in their Pepto-Bismol pink painted living room.
Fast forward 18 years, my husband asks me what I want for Christmas. I pitched the idea of one of these not knowing they cost an arm and a leg. My sweet husband found one for me, it was in dire need of repair. The pump didn’t work, it needed to be restrung, and it was filthy. He spent time after work for weeks fixing this up for me secretly at his parents house.
Christmas morning I woke up to this gorgeous babe, working in her full glory. Majestic AF.
My heart is so full Everytime I look at it.

Image credits: Larah Moore

#25 Floral Lamp

Yesterday someone posted their Amazing floral lamp find and I thought to myself, “Man how do people get so lucky?” Long story short, my grandmother had a pole light with lotus-like glass shades that hung in the corner of her apartment that I loved. After she died, I never knew what happened to that piece. For years I tried to find something equivalent, but it was either A) Way too Expensive or B)It sold before I got a chance to buy it. Well after drooling over the person’s lucky find, I continued to scroll through my feed and saw someone had just posted this beauty for sale! I commented and got it!! $40, a one hour drive (by my adoring hubby) later, the women who sold it to me told him someone offered her double right after she sold the lamp to me, “but she couldn’t do that to her (me) as she knew how much she loves (I loved) the piece.”

No idea where I will put it, I’m 5’4” tall and it’s about a little over half the height of me, but I’m super excited and just had to share my find with you all!!

The light has a 2,3 all 5 light mode and it’s so pretty! Post the other 2 pics I have in the comments! I love it!!

Image credits: Tif Farmakis-Day

#26 I Call It My Queen Lamp. Best Part Is The Bottom Cut Out Design Makes A Cool And Cozy Pattern On The Wall At Night. $5. Thanks Goodwill

Image credits: Elizabeth Basa

#27 This Amazing Lamp Was Made By My Dad In The Mid 1960s!

This amazing lamp was made by my dad in the mid 1960s!! He use to collect agates from the Yellowstone River near Terry MT. The winter river ices would tear up the riverbed leaving agates exposed. He would pick them and cut them and then set them in teardrop molds and pour resin over them. This is just one of the lamps he made

Image credits: Kadi Jo

#28 I Found This Lamp In A Dumpster Around 4 Years Ago, It Was In Perfect Condition And The Light Bulb Still Worked.. I Haven’t Ever Needed To Replace The Bulb Despite Leaving It On Pretty Much 24/7. I Have No Idea Where It Could Have Come From Or Why It Exists But I Love My Giant Pear Lamp

Image credits: Jasmine Priest‎

#29 I Found This On Ebay Years Ago And Instantly Fell In Love With It. I Paid More Than I Am Willing To Admit But It Is One Of My Prized Posessions. I Love The Stained Glass Style And My Husband Loves Nightmare Before Christmas

Image credits: Lindsey Collins

#30 I Found This Stunning Tree Of Life Lamp At The Goodwill In Ft Myers! It Is So Awesome, That The Spouse Said, “That’s Really Cool, Did They Have Two?”. He Really Doesn’t Get It!! It Is All One Giant Piece Of Wood. The Detail Is Amazing. I Feel So Fortunate To Have Gotten For Only $19.00!

Image credits: Kimberly O'keefe

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