21 Witty And Dark ‘Wear A Mask’ Signs That Shops And Restaurants Put Up

Some businesses might have reopened but the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout the world. Naturally, some shop owners want to protect themselves, their employees, and their customers, so they put up signs asking clients to come in through the door wearing face masks. Easy, right? Nope!

Unfortunately, some customers see wearing a mask as a political issue and refuse to put one on. This increases the risk of Covid-19 spreading, so stores have had to get… creative with their signs. Funscrape has collected some of the wittiest, funniest, and most blunt ‘wear a mask’ signs that shops and restaurants have put up. Upvote your faves and let us know which ones you like best and why.

Funscrape spoke to Sarah Bingham, one of the co-owners of the vintage clothing shop Antique Sugar, whose hard-hitting and dark sign made a huge splash on the web. She told us all about how she feels about getting so much attention, about the anti-maskers who are sending her hate mail, and whether or not she thinks she’s changed anyone’s mind about putting on a mask.


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Sarah, who has co-owned Antique Sugar with her friend Annamarie Sanchez for the past 10 years, told Funscrape that she never imagined that the sign she came up with would blow up the way that it did.

She said she expected only the people who come into the shop to see it. However, she posted a photo of the sign on her personal Facebook page where she asked people if they thought it was too dark. “It was immediately shared several times, and from there someone posted it on Reddit and it took off.”


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Sarah confirmed that they’ve been getting lots of hate mail. “From what I’ve seen in some of the hate mail we’ve been receiving, the most vehement anti-maskers seem to be far-right politically. They seem to have the ‘don’t tread on me’ mindset. They really don’t want to be told what to do by me, or scientists, or the government, or the media. Which is fine, but in the same sentence, they threaten to report us for violating the ADA.”

She revealed that in her opinion, she doubts that she changed the mind of anyone who had a solid opinion about mask-wearing before she posted the sign. “But I also haven’t had any non-mask-wearing people in the shop since it went up. So I’m declaring my personal battle a victory.”


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There have been over 11.4 million cases of people infected with the coronavirus worldwide; more than half a million people have died from the illness. The United States has more than 2.89 million cases, the most in the entire world. Brazil is in second place with over 1.6 million infected while India has nearly 698k cases.



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