Monthly Archives: July 2020

Cat That Has Hilarious Eyebrows Is Going Viral (19 Pics)

Cornelius Cornbread is a 4-year-old feline from Nashville, Tennessee, who became popular for his fashionable eyebrows. Thanks to these white marks on his forehead, he has conquered the internet with his sophisticated look. According to his owner, Karen Mellette, Cornelius has had these “eyebrows” since he was a kitten due …

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Celebrities as Regular People by Danny Evans (60 Pics)

Celebrities are usually held to high scrutiny: they have to always look good, be charming, virtuous, talented, and presentable to the cameras. Hence their public image is near flawless—looking like a regular person would certainly cause a ruckus in the tabloid pages. Which is why being always exposed to stars …

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