164 Squirrel Posts To Make Your Day

Some folks hate squirrels. Yeah. They consider them pests, much like opossums or moles. They call them “big rats with fluffy tails.” Sure, they might steal a few seeds from the bird feeder or chew a few wires, but these animals definitely should get more love.

Squirrels are extremely intelligent. For example, they are known to put on elaborate bogus food burying displays to deceive onlookers, and the fake burials trick thieves — such as other squirrels or birds — into thinking that they have stored their food stock there. But they’re also really adorable. But it doesn’t matter whether they’re having a snack or simply running up and down a tree, squirrels make everything they do look cute and silly too.

Bored Panda put together some of the best squirrel posts on the Internet to help you to appreciate these furry forest ambassadors, so scroll down, enjoy the pics, and upvote your faves.

#1 Saw A Pregnant Squirrel For The First Time Today. I’m Not Sure What I Expected But This Exceeds All Of It

Image credits: QuaaludeDreams

#2 Squirrels Landing On The Ground Look Like Superheroes

Image credits: isr3104

#3 Old Woman Uses A Marionette Of Herself To Feed Squirrels In The Park

Image credits: tikotanabi

#4 I’ve Never Seen A Baby Squirrel. I Am Not Disappointed

Image credits: ronnieth024

#5 Found Him In Achankovil Forest Kerala, India

Image credits: Panda_911

#6 I Noticed There Were A Few Squirrels In A Tree And They Were Going Crazy

After I climbed about 20 feet up a tree I noticed that they weren’t fighting. They were stuck. THEY WERE ATTACHED AT THE TAIL. So I kept climbing and got these little guys into my bucket. I brought them back to the ground to try to figure out what I was going to do.

It may be hard to tell, but there are three squirrels buried in there. It seems that they made a nest out of insulation and dryer lint in a pine tree, and the sap kind of glued it to them, and them to each other.

I started pulling some of the insulation off, but it was a slow process because the sap from the tree was so thick it was pulling the hair from their little tails.

Believe it or not, they were really calm throughout the whole process. I used some warm water and scissors to help get the majority of the sap loose and the insulation off. The last squirrel was a total bro and let me take a few pictures with him.

Image credits: Adam821

#7 I Think A Squirrel Fell Off My Roof

Image credits: beefyfritosburrito

#8 So The Other Day My Dad Called Me And Told Me His Golden Retriever Found Two Baby Squirrels That Was Half Alive In The Yard

He rescued it and fed it. This is them a few days later. Now it won’t leave his side.

Image credits: Kh0nsuu

#9 Little Thumbelina Is An Eastern Grey Squirrel, Who Was Born On A Frigid March Morning

Her Momma’s nest was destroyed due to nearby construction, and in a desperate attempt to keep her family safe, she crawled into a 10th story window and gave birth two tiny babies on a stranger’s bed, while he was away at work. When the apartment owner arrived home, he was surprised to find two tiny pink babies resting under his pillow, amongst some dried pine needs and branches .

Although we tried for hours to reunite the babies with their Mom, she refused to take them back out into the wild with her. After some time, Mom decided she could no longer return, and the two little sisters were adopted by local wildlife rehabbers . Although, sadly one sister passed just a few hours later, tiny pink Thumbelina got a second chance to begin her new little life.

Image credits: Little Thumbelina Girl

#10 Defiant Squirrel

Image credits: bunnies1231

#11 Man Builds Tiny Picnic Table For Squirrels

Image credits: Rick Kalinowski

#12 I Made A Squirrel Bar

Image credits: thompsonwoodworks

#13 My Wife Just Shot This Pic Of A Sleepy Albino Squirrel

Image credits: manero64

#14 A Squirrel Has Been Stuffing This Sign Post Full Of Acorns For The Winter

Image credits: Scoutmac22

#15 When You Totally Surprise Your New Squirrel Friend Who Visits You Every Day With A Selfie

Image credits: deniwee

#16 The Day After Hurricane Irma, This Baby Squirrel Ran Straight Up To Me, Jumped Into My Hands And Passed Out. I’m Sure It Had A Rough Night

Image credits: purrbubble

#17 This Squirrel We’ve Been Feeding Has Begun Sunbathing On Our Deck Table

Image credits: Flam1ng1cecream

#18 These Squirrels Are Using The Side Of This Window For Part Of Their Nest

Image credits: vossejongk

#19 I Filled A Tiny Tea Cup With Some Walnuts For My Squirrel Friend

Image credits: Dankwhalez

#20 Everyday This Squirrel Trades Dried Leaves For Fresh Nuts At This Woman’s Apartment Window

Image credits: starstufft

#21 Spotted A Squirrel With Unusual Coloring

Image credits: cvbecker

#22 Squirrel Fell In Love With My Stepdad

Image credits: forty_hands

#23 My Wife Getting A Hug From A Baby Squirrel That She’s Taking Care Of

Image credits: coppergone

#24 We Adopted A Badly Injured Baby Squirrel. Here’s One Of The First Photos Of Him

Image credits: Priami

#25 Rescued This Little Guy While Shooting Some Photos In A Wooded Area. My Dogs Adopted Him

Image credits: N1ckR4df0rd

#26 This Is Judy. She (He?) Comes To My Kitchen Window Every Day To Get Some Almonds. I Love Her (Him?) So Much. That Little Smile Makes Me Melt

Image credits: PrinceWilliam13

#27 Indian Palm Squirrel In My Indian Palm

Image credits: menderu

#28 This Is Gary. I Think 5-7 Week Old Red Squirrel. I’m Rehabbing The Little Guy. His First Time Out In The Yard. He Loved It. Passed Out In The Sun

Image credits: devray88

#29 Milk Drunk Baby Squirrel

Image credits: importantcatbusiness

#30 On A Recent Trip To The Grand Canyon, I Was Reprimanded For Taking This Picture. Totally Worth It

Image credits: kcyal8r

#31 This Albino Squirrel Comes To Our Door & Begs For Corn Every Day

Image credits: myhusbandlovesme

#32 Went To Start Their Grill For The First Time This Season. Stumbled On A Squirrel’s Cache

Image credits: yankee-white

#33 A Black Squirrel And An Albino Squirrel Eating Together In Harmony

Image credits: msp2081

#34 My Squirrel-Obsessed Dog Never Even Noticed

Image credits: Pizza_Succubus

#35 So I’ve Been Feeding The Squirrels Lately And This Is What I Saw At My Door When I Woke Up

Image credits: milkthe

#36 This Squirrel Keeps Messing With My Cats

Image credits: oona36

#37 This Squirrel Found An Easter Egg

Image credits: LadyBelle1985

#38 I’m Stuck In The Hospital Right Now And Every Morning This Guy And His Pals Come To My Window

Image credits: LiverLungWullie

#39 “I’ll Trade You This Leaf For A Snack”

Image credits: GoldenXXIV

#40 New York Squirrels Will Just Tap You On Your Shoulder And Ask “You Gonna Finish That?”

Image credits: JakenBits

#41 This Fat Squirrel Steals An Avocado

Image credits: cdheiden

#42 Squirrel Goes Sploot

Image credits: jowiejojo

#43 My Friend Texted Me Saying She Was Watching A Squirrel Eat A Pizza In A Tree. I Said, “Pics Or It Didn’t Happen.” She Replied With This

Image credits: michpalm

#44 Thought This Belonged Here. Honestly One Of The Only Reasons I Wake Up In The Mornings Because I Get So Excited

Image credits: ItzCorndog40

#45 This Wild Squirrel Made A Nest For Her Baby In Her Rescuer’s Drawer

Image credits: Dingetjie the Squirrel

#46 A Family Of Squirrels Moved Into The Hole In My Tree

Image credits: haringtiti

#47 That Little Hand Stole My Heart Away

Image credits: ghoulxish

#48 Mum Caught A Squirrel Eating Bird Food

Image credits: Nardatronic

#49 A Baby Squirrel Climbing Onto My Work Boot Today

Image credits: GEO147064

#50 This Squirrel Has A Blond Tail

Image credits: firefighter_82

#51 This Squirrel Was Begging For More Popcorn After Two Girls Near Me Ran Out. He Came Over To Me And Did This Just As I Took The Photo Because I Couldn’t Believe How Close He Was

Image credits: Ukiri

#52 I Did A Newborn Photoshoot For My Little Rescue Squirrel, Cardboard. I Know I’m Insane, But It Turned Out Pretty Cute

Image credits: FancySkink

#53 The Size Of This Squirrel My Dad Has Been Feeding. Absolute Unit

Image credits: CatDad33

#54 Two Squirrels Making The Same Pose At My Window

Image credits: yrf8isdeth

#55 He Is My Sister-In-Law’s Outdoor Pet And He Visits Her Hairstylists For Nuts

He is very tame and as you can see is really cute. They call him Yochen (he is a German squirrel so an “eichhörnchen”).

Image credits: philthehippy

#56 My Mom Occasionally Leaves Nuts Under Our Bird Feeder For A Squirrel That Lives In Our Yard. Today, He Came To The Window And Asked For More

Image credits: Violino23

#57 Took A Photo At The Exact Moment My Boyfriend Was Bitten By His Squirrel Friend

Image credits: smcochr2

#58 Morning Meal Time. Waiting For Me To Unlock The Patio Door

Image credits: stg2121

#59 Pizza Squirrel Was Chillin Outside My Workplace Today

Image credits: chrissymctinarn

#60 I Don’t Own Any Pets, So Here Is A Squirrel On The Roof Of My House

Image credits: Crabbymewtwo456

#61 These Two Frequent Nut Stealers Have Cool Frosted Tips

Image credits: its-ya-boi-thiccy

#62 Found This Squirrel Butt Stuck In A Recycling Bin Today

Image credits: selector96

#63 A Regular Client At My Store Put One Of The Tree Ornements We Gave Him On His Foster Squirrel. I Think This Little Guy Wins It All

Image credits: lebasilic

#64 My Pet Squirrel

Image credits: imgur.com

#65 I Found A Squirrel Eating Fried Chicken In A Tree

Image credits: mrdgroff

#66 Rescued This Little Young Red Squirrel From A Trash Bin. Now He Won’t Leave Me

Image credits: BeerTits

#67 Just 5 More Days Until The Re-Introduction With The Woods

Image credits: Waterisnice12

#68 Butters Enjoying A Berry

Image credits: lisarenate

#69 Friends

Image credits: stg2121

#70 Found This Little Dehydrated Girl Yesterday

Image credits: 0Tigerpaw0

#71 Little Fella Resting On A Branch

Image credits: do_ramge

#72 I Came Across A Squirrel With A White Tail And Face

Image credits: keishlamarie

#73 I Had An Awkward Encounter With A Squirrel At Work The Other Day

Image credits: supergingerlol

#74 He Snowplowed His Way Here This Morning And Definitely Got Extra Treats

Image credits: stg2121

#75 I Met This Photogenic Guy At The Grand Canyon

Image credits: coryisneat

#76 Even Squirrels Buy Their Food Now

Image credits: Tucko29

#77 Got Dabbed On By A Squirrel In The Park

Image credits: SeikaBlade

#78 This Is My Adorable Baby Squirrel

Image credits: Wicked-Wabbit

#79 A Baby Squirrel Crawled Onto My Buddy’s Shoe

Image credits: sdrawkcab_dear

#80 Happy Cinco De Mayo From Our Backyard Squirrel

Image credits: ShamSham03

#81 Sidney Enjoyed His Picnic With His Woodland Friends. He’s Such A Civilized Squirrel

Image credits: LumpyandFriends

#82 Half Black, Half Brown Squirrel

Image credits: Froshtehh

#83 This Squirrel In My Backyard Is Very Relatable

Image credits: elizabethtebazile

#84 “You Can’t See Me”. Squirrel Thinks He’s Hiding From Me

Image credits: JediMaster941

#85 I Put My Microphone In Front Of A 7 Week Old Baby Red Squirrel

#86 Captured This Beauty Today In Brevard, Nc

Image credits: Betty Elmore

#87 Our Uninvited Cabin Squirrel Keeps Filling Hats And Helmets With Mushrooms While We’re Away, We Would Love To Know What He Is Cultivating Here If Anyone Can Tell What Kind Of Mushrooms We’re Dealing With! Located In Central Alaska

Image credits: dorkforshort

#88 We Have Had A Pawless And Tailless Handicapped Squirrel In Our Yard For Several Years

Image credits: MrDorkESQ

#89 This Freaking Squirrel Stole My Friend’s Bagel

Image credits: Authier

#90 Let Me Introduce You To A Baby Red Squirrel

Image credits: shanonlee

#91 General Scratchington Today. I’m Not Fishing For Upvotes Just Teaching Myself How To Use A Real Camera

Image credits: chicoman2018

#92 I Found A Fox Squirrel In The Forest Yesterday

Image credits: philipawalker

#93 Chippy Loves His Seeds

Image credits: stg2121

#94 The Same Morning I Had To Say Goodbye To My 16yo Chihuahua, We Returned From The Vet To Find My New Squirrel Friend Waiting Outside My Back Door For The First Time

Image credits: mammiejammie

#95 Why Be Mother Of Dragons When You Can Be Mother Of Squirrels?

Image credits: FancySkink

#96 I Managed To Get A Squirrel To Put A Pumpkin On His Head

Image credits: donebythehands

#97 Black Squirrel Being A Derp

Image credits: pleasedontsmashme

#98 Baby Squirrel Getting Cozy

Image credits: myrmadon

#99 A Squirrel Has Been Stashing Nuts In My Friend’s Engine Bay For Weeks Until He Found Out This Morning

Image credits: StarryEyedLepus

#100 Squirrel With A Blonde Tail

Image credits: AcadianMan

#101 A Blonde Squirrel On My Old Mail Route

Image credits: hoobgooblin

#102 Good Morning. Another Day, Another 5ft Squirrel Trying To Break Into My Car

Image credits: Robwaudby

#103 A Squirrel Set Up Shop Under The Hood Of My Van

Image credits: rrsafety

#104 This Squirrel I’ve Been Hand Feeding All Vacation Gave Me A Wave Goodbye On My Last Day There

Image credits: Dankiois_Memeous

#105 One Woman Started Putting Bowls Of Ice Out For The Squirrels In Her Yard. This Little Guy Was So Grateful, He Fell Asleep Cooling Off On Top Of One

Image credits: Wigglebit

#106 I Made A Squirrel Picnic Bench

Image credits: Shoddyshites

#107 Son When I Was Your Age…

Image credits: c1dster

#108 This Little Guy Was Taking Cover In My Window And Looked Hungry, He Ate A Lot Of Banana Today

Image credits: amber_joyy

#109 Look At His Face. He’s Not Even Eating, So You Can’t Say, “Oh, His Mouth Is Open Cause It’s Chewing”

Image credits: -IntoEternity-

#110 Meet Nugget, Our Fostered Squirrel Who Returned After Being Released. After A Nice Nap And Flea/Tick Removal, He’s Back To The Alaskan Wilderness

Image credits: boderak

#111 My Mom Just Sent Me This Picture Of A Squirrel Sitting In A Tiny Chair In A Tree Eating A Cob Of Corn

Image credits: grungeisdead16

#112 Thought This Guy Was Stealing Nuts From A Fruit/Nut Stand, Turns Out He Has His Own Box

Image credits: TheAngryNaterpillar

#113 White Squirrels In Brevard, NC

Image credits: HawaiianHelloKitty

#114 Phew! All That Playtime Is Exhausting

Image credits: tintin_the_squirrel

#115 Got Our Backyard Squirrel To Wear A Hat

Image credits: ShamSham03

#116 I Got To Hold Someone’s Pet Squirrel!!! Made My Day

Image credits: ktmc2772

#117 Close Friend, Who Lives On A Farm, Now Has Her Own Baby Squirrel “Pockets”

Image credits: DamnDogAte2ofMyCouches

#118 Friendly Squirrel Saying Thank You For The Treats

Image credits: Helophora

#119 Bart, Where Are You? Oh There You Are!

Image credits: kittycitysquirrels

#120 Marshmallow Squirrel

Image credits: ExtensiveNegligence

#121 Squirrel Naps

Image credits: Lctxtech

#122 This Little Guy Came Out Of Nowhere While I Was Gardening And Just Wanted A Place To Nap Before He Went On His Way

Image credits: JhinandJuice

#123 This Squirrel Popped Up Quickly And Posed For Me At The Grand Canyon

Image credits: Skups

#124 Squirrel Enjoying A Cookie

Image credits: imreallynotthatcool

#125 The Albino Squirrel Who Only Visits Us For The Peanuts

Image credits: baldkat

#126 Went To The Grand Canyon And Took A Pic Of A Squirrel, Didn’t Notice The Miniature Asian Man Trying To Pet It

Image credits: BuschCamo57

#127 It’s So Hot In Texas Right Now, The Squirrels Are Clearing Areas In The Grass So They Can Cool Their Bodies Against The Dirt

Image credits: Sisyphean

#128 A Pennsylvania Woman Let Her Car Sit For Too Long, So The Squirrels In Her Yard Began Storing Walnuts In It. This Was The End Result

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#129 There’s A Squirrel Convention On My Front Lawn

Image credits: Fozzie314

#130 This Little Guy Always Visits My Window. He Knows How To Pose

Image credits: ChonkiestBunny

#131 I Managed To Catch An Elusive White Squirrel Jump And Smack Into A Tree Today

Image credits: katrowbeeshow

#132 I’m Pretty Sure It’s A Hot Dog, But Then Again…

Image credits: Evan_dood

#133 My Aunt Told Her Dog There Was A Squirrel On The Deck, But The Dog Couldn’t Find It

Image credits: FranktheLlama

#134 Patrice Knocking On Our Kitchen Window Yesterday. “Nut Gods! Are You There? Turn Around, Stop Making That Coffee Stuff, I’m Hungry Too!”

Image credits: rqny

#135 My Naughty Neighbor Begging For Another Almond… With A Mouthful Of Almond

Image credits: tlee1209

#136 Dis My Boy

Image credits: Ephixing

#137 Look At His Little Smile

Image credits: Tendog

#138 I Fed This Squirrel Some Pumpkin Seeds, After He Filled His Belly He Laid There Like This And Stared At Me For An Hour

Image credits: Pararescue_Dude

#139 My Sister’s Dog Blue Seeing A Squirrel For The First Time

Image credits: EdgHG

#140 So, There’s A Girl At My School Who Goes Around And Puts Little Hats On Squirrels

Image credits: Longfeller

#141 Six Baby Squirrels Tied By The Tails. Saved

Image credits: nukem170

#142 I Was Eating A Banana Nut Muffin On Campus Today, When All Of A Sudden

Image credits: Bizarrmenian

#143 My Parents Have Fed The Squirrels At Their House So Much They Made A Trail

Image credits: garfieldkittycat

#144 Meet The Squirrel Named That

Image credits: Ambiient

#145 My Wife And I Nursed A Baby Red Squirrel Back To Health When It Fell Out Of A Tree. Meet Ginger

Image credits: MVintage

#146 This Black Squirrel With A Blonde Tail I Found On A Walk Was Pretty Cool

Image credits: Canucklehead27

#147 Saw This Shy Little Baby In My Backyard

Image credits: olympheus

#148 How Will He Explain This To The Other Squirrels?

Image credits: myniche999

#149 Lazy Quarantine Mornings

Image credits: cierrecart

#150 I Know It’s Ridiculous But I’m Really Gonna Miss This Guy When We Move Next Week. He’s Been A Constant Yard Friend For The Last 7 Years

Image credits: agrau163

#151 The Average Squirrel Cogitation Goes Something Like This: I Wonder What There Is To Eat

Image credits: thelondontreenonce

#152 Good Morning. I Missed You. One Nut Please

Image credits: kneesocksforever

#153 Little Gal Smelling The Roses In Our Balcony

Image credits: vroom6896

#154 Her Name Is Porky And She Is A Doll

Image credits: binx8712

#155 This Squirrel With A Blonde Tail And Peanut In His Mouth

Image credits: firefighter_82

#156 Squirrel Dinner Party

Image credits: Imaduperhero

#157 After A Hard Day’s Work

Image credits: Eibmoz75

#158 This Squirrel Chilling Harder

Image credits: Mastodon2486

#159 This White Squirrel I Saw On My Walk

Image credits: Jeremy____

#160 I Saw A Two-Toned Squirrel, Half Blonde Half Brunette

Image credits: plantpredator

#161 A Squirrel Stealing From An Unattended Stroller At A Theme Park

Image credits: Irrationalwoman

#162 Found This Little Guy While I Was Doing Yard Work. He Would Not Let Go Of My Hand For An Hour

Image credits: Long_shlong_silver

#163 This Squirrel’s Soul Is Slowly Being Stolen By A Ginger

Image credits: psycholepzy

#164 Met This Tail-Less Guy At The Park Today, Here He Is Enjoying An Almond

Image credits: yourasswillfollow

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